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5 Day baby girl throwing up after each feeding... what's wrong?

My Wife has been breast feeding and doing well until day 4. The burping thing is not an issue we're getting good burps between breast, however she is still vomiting. We spent the last 24 hours in the ER, just to have them tell us, don't feed her as much. ( are you kidding me)?!?!  
We only feed about 5-10 maybe alittle more depending upon how much she wants it..  Then we called her doctor the next morning and she said to feed her more? I'm confused, She's had no fever, no cough, no rash, regular diaper changes, and even those look normal? She's slept alot today when we got home from the ER. no other symptoms that I can think of right off hand. Please help our lil' girl is miserable and still no keeping it done; what can we do?

Thank you so much in advance, Kevin
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she may have a bit of reflux, also has your wife changed her diet cause certain foods can react with their little tummies, but i would go and see your doctor if your not happy go to another,
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What does it mean that you only feed about 5-10?  Does that mean 5-10 minutes?  Don't look at the clock for nursing sessions and let baby decide how much she needs. She will pop off and be relaxed and content when she is full. Babies will not overeat. They will stop when they are full.

You baby may need more burping during a session. You may want to have a lactation consultant check babies latch to ensure she has a good seal and not taking in any extra air while nursing. Or, you baby may have a reflux issue that her pediatrician can evaluate.

Otherwise, most babies do spit up some after a feeding. Her pediatrician can help you determine if the spitting up is normal amounts or excessive. You may want to try keeping baby in a more upright reclined position after a feeding and not laying down, to help with her digestion system.

And, I do agree with the above, have your wife check her diet to see if there are any modifications she can make. She could try cutting out dairy for a few days to see if baby has a temporary lactose issue. And be sure to eat healthy as during pregnancy. Best wishes.
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maybe try having her hold the baby in more of an upword postition while feeding. also.. maybe mom can eat a very bland diet for two days and see if that helps.
It gets so hard to do at times.. We beat ourselves up so much.... but it really does pay off in the end.. smile hang in there.
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my dd did the same thing. from the day that my milk came in, she started getting sick each time that she ate. we were told that as long as it wasn't 25+ times each feeding and as long as it wasn't projectile, it was fine and a lot of babies go through it. she would get as many as 10 per feeding depending on the day, but she was gaining weight and doing well. the spitting up never bothered her, so we stuck with nursing. she is now 9 months old and had only my milk until 8 months. the older she got, the less spit up she had (unless she ate a lot in one particular feeding).

my suggestion is to keep feeding your dd as much as she wants so long as she isn't upset by the spitting up. also, i highly recommend buying a lot of burp cloths! she will continue to do better as she gets older, but we were told that switching to formula doesn't always cure the issue, so we stuck with nursing. best wishes to you!
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I found that garlic made my babies tummy sore.  

Babies spit.  Some spit a lot.  Is she screaming in pain?  If not, she is probably fine.
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hay my dauter is now 8 weeks old she did the same thing what i did wase wated betwen brests i think it might have helped a little but she hase gotine a little better you can allso try to give hear some mylicon it helped me some she may have a little gas or air bubles some times thay cant get them all out k let me know if this works for you kiddie72
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My niece had acid reflux and had to be put on prevacid for infants - she was on it before she left the hospital.  You may want a DR to look at her.  Hope that helps!
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To start its so lovely you care enough to get answers.My son did that aswell for the first few months and he was fine until i burped him then would up come all that breast milk, so I stopped burbing him.  I just sat him up and he would do little burps all byhimself that wouldnt make him vomit.  He is know ten months and has never been burped and hes never suffered from wind or gas pain and has been the most content bub out of all three of my children.  

Good luck to you and your partner and new bub.

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well,... i dont have a baby but i do have a question on when I was a baby because i want to know what happend to me. When i was born, my mother started breastfeeding me. apparently i started getting sick from it, i was supposibly weak, and tired alot of the time. the doctor told my mother that her breastmilk was making me sick and literally killing me slowly!.. I had a blood transfusion and apparently i was all better. I still have a scar from the tubes of the blood transfusion. what did i have??? someone please help me answer my question. thank you in advance.
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Day 4 is a usual time for milk to “come in”. She may just have a strong let down/milk ejection reflex. Spitting up afterward is a normal reaction to a strong “let down”.  You both sound like very good parents and it’s good to see a daddy on here that cares so much. Congratulations on your new baby girl!
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