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My son was 3 weeks old on Saturday. I've been exclusively pumping to feed him since about a week and a half. On wed I noticed a blocked duct and tried to Clear it. Unfortunately by sat it progressed into mastitis at which time I was proscribed antibiotics. 3 days later, it's only gotten worse. The lump is now the size of a tennis ball and it horribly painful.

I know the duct has cleared because when I pump, I'm able to extract liquid from that side. However, what comes out of that duct is yellow sometimes tinged with red and the consistency of pudding. So it's much thicker than even the hind milk and is gooey.

Has anyone had any experiences with mastitis ? Is this normal for mastitis, or has it progressed into an abscess?

I really just want to go have it drained just to relieve the pressure and pain but I'm afraid my midwife will want to wait until I'm done with the antibiotics.
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when i had mastitis with my son they told me the best thing i could do was have the baby lach on and suck from that nipple m doc said not to pump until it was all cleared
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If its open and have stuff coming out you can use a potato to dry it out. I had an abscess on my leg once. And my step dad told me about it. Just wash the potato cut a lil piece of it and put on there and leave it there over night. And day. And keep doing that till it drys out. Mite take a few days tho. Just make sure the area is clean around it but the abscess stay dry. And change the potato when you wake up and at night.
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A hot hot shower and keep expressing. It's about all you can do. The hot shower should help to get rid of the milk build up, makes it easier to extract. It's normal that its that consistency you just have to keep going till its normal again. Also try massaging your breast in the shower. It's what u was told to do when I had a blockage on one side of my breast. My son wouldn't latch onto that side to help move it. It hurt but did work within about 48 hours.
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Nurse pump hot shower massage and compress. And do all as often as you can.
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Contact a lactation consultant at your local hospital too -they are a good resource. I have no experience with mastitis, so I can't respond to what the fluid looks like coming out.  Hope you find comfort soon!
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Hi I was just curious to see if you ever had any luck with this.  I had the same thing happen to me after I gave birth, I didn't have any luck with breast feeding and was going to let the milk dry.  I then developed a lump under the areola of my right breast.  It started to get bigger and pretty painful, I assumed it was just a clogged duct.  My doc just prescribed me anti-biotics over the phone thinking it was mastitis.  After 10 days the lump got bigger and more painful and I noticed it looked like it had puss underneath.  So I called to get an appointment and discovered it was an abscess.  It drained on it's own the day of my doctor appointment.  I have had two surgeries to correct it, the most recent removing my milk duct and the infection has still come back.  I was told I could possibly have Zuska's Disease.  Anyone else have this issue?
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