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We all know they say bf'ing helps babies stay healthy. I had no idea how well!
My toddler got a nasty cold on Monday. Moderate fever (101+) for a couple of day, terrible congestion, the works. I struggled to keep them separate, but we all know how well that works. I kept finding her sucking on her sister's toys, sippy cups, even her sister :) So on Thursday when the baby started to show cold symptoms, I prepared myself for the worst. We did have a terrible night thursday night. The toddler was still in pretty bad shape, and the baby couldn't eat or sleep. By last night (Friday), the baby was in better shape than the toddler! Even today, the 2 yr old, while feeling fine, is covered in boogers. This is the 6th day of symptoms for her. The baby barely has any congestion. She never developed a fever. I can't believe it. I know it's most likely the same cold, because we have been home and inside all week because the older one is sick. No exposure to anyone else.

I am SO glad I have stuck it out. This experience has inspired me to go a few more months if possible. (Yes, I am still here pumping away! I have cut back SIGNIFICANTLY but still make enough to supply her with mostly fresh milk. I pump 3 times/day with my 2 manuals for 10 minutes each session. Since I am still making 24 ounces with so little effort, I couldn't justify quitting).

Anyways, just wanted to share. I think I will share this story on the pregnancy forum to help those who are undecided about breastfeeding.
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I wish all babies the same success! It seems every time we go to the gym our little guy is stuffy a few days later... He's really only had one major episode with a cold - oh - and one ear infection (he's 22 mos now) ever in his life so all in all I'd call that success!
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have to agree.  My baby has been sick few times only.  However, 2 of those times we had to go to the hospital (once admitted) - with croup.  The doctors there told me that because my baby was exclusively breastfed, they were not so worried about her and confident she'd be fine.  They told me breastfed babies do get sick less often and when they are sick it is generally less serious / they recover more quickly.

I also had experience with my daughter having severe diarrhoea at 14 months.  More than 10 times watery explosive in a day.  During that day she was nearly continually at my breast..... she didn't get dehydrated. She was fine the next day.  I'd read that breastfeeding protected babies with diarrhoea - and saw first hand just how much it helped.

Congratulations to us.
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Oh, and with our latest bout of upper respiratory tract infection / croup (she's still recovering) - she had to be nebulised several times a day.  DD hates hates hates the nebuliser and would get hysterical when I tried to put the steam near her face.  Finally worked it out.  Put her to my breast and get her sucking, then put the nebuliser steam up to my breast so it passed over her face.  Voila!  No more dramas.
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My second who was breast fed didn't get sick until he was 11 months old. He is now 3 years and 3 months and apart from that episode has never had a fever. He has had the odd runny nose but that's it! My first was aways sick! He was given too many immunizations (by some idiot at our health center...another story!) when he was about 2 1/2 and was constantly sick afterwards and ended up having 13 courses of antibiotics in the 12 months following that. When my youngest was about 4 months old and my eldest had just spent another few days in hospital I decided I would mix some of my pumped milk in my older child's milk. I did it every day for about two months, since then (3 years now) he has only been sick with a fever twice.
It sure is amazing stuff!
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I've read so much about the long term benefits. And I guess I had heard about the immediate benefits as well. I was just shocked to see such an impact firsthand.

My first had breastmilk as well, and is generally a very healthy girl. Never on antibiotics and she's 2 1/2. This is despite being in different kinds of childcare- pretty impressive. Obviously, kids get sick, as she did this past week. I do attribute the fact that she's had so few illnesses to breastmilk. What amazed me was how right now how much it can help. The baby got the bug and fought it off so quickly. I never got sick, so DH said I was fighting it off and passed those antibodies on to her as well. I should've given some to the toddler too.
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So true. Phin did not get sick for 13 months, now he will have the occasional sniffle but that is it.
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My 5 month old is the same. My toddler just had a pretty nasty cold and like yours, is still covered in snot. My infant, however, only had a slightly runny nose and a slight cough for a day or two and recovered quickly with no fever or anything. I even got the cold and so did all of my other kids and my husband. Our infant was least affected by the nasty cold. GOOOO BREASTMILK!
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yep i have seen that happen here as well.  addison has had a few colds, just a few days but they were after she stopped nursing.  i cant believe she hasnt been sick more with the nasty things she puts in her mouth lol.

yeah for you still pumping!! i honestly have to say it has to be so much harder to pump than to strictly bf.  i hope that at least one woman is changed by hearing this and decides to bf her baby!
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I would agree that breastfeeding is the best. I went almost a year with my first and she hardly ever gets sick and she is eleven. She has had several perfect attendances at school. When she does get sick, the most she is sick is 2 days. I plan on doing the same with this one.
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My dh will probably freak out if he knew I posted this, but...
Compared to the kids and I, my husband happens to have a pretty low immune system. If anyone in a two mile vicinity has a cold, he will get it. Since he had come down with yet another cold, I convinced him to give some expressed milk a try. Wouldn't you know it, by the next day his cold was fading fast.  
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My daughter weighed 6 lbs 7 ozs and was 18.5  ".  Since then she in the last 4 weeks she has grown 3.5" and has gained 3 lbs.  Her pdeiatrician said it was all due to BM.  I am so glad I decided to BF even tho I have to pump and feed as I had pneumonia when she was 39 weeks and had to pump and dump immediatly after her birth because of x rays etc.  She got used to the bottle.  I am planning to BF as long as I can
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I don't understand. Why are you pumping? Why not just nurse him? Do you have a job outside the house?
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i do have a job, but I had to turn to pumping long before I went back to work.
With my first, I never got to nurse and had to pump because she was 4 weeks early and had feeding issues because of it. The poor thing would nurse for 30 minutes and only get 1/2 ounce. We worked with a wonderful LC but her issues were developmental. She even had troubles taking a bottle until after 4 months.

BF started out very strong with my second. However, many things became a problem. She had severe reflux and colic. Any person who has actually had to deal with these issues knows that nursing during those bad hours is impossible. The thrashing, the arching, the screaming... Anyways. in addition to that, she could only latch in the football hold (possibly due to tongue tie?) and I couldn't maintain that position as she was a very large baby. Her colic was worst at night, but she had many many sensory issues throughout the day as well (in addition to reflux worse than her ped had ever seen). As a result, it got to the point where she could only eat and sleep if she was swaddled tightly and in a swing or bouncy seat. These requirements make nursing (and functioning outside the house) impossible. She didn't outgrow these sensory issues until after 6 months. By then, it had been 3 months since i nursed.

i just weaned off the pump a few days ago. She got fresh breastmilk until 9 months, and I still have plenty left in the freezer.
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