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BFing & sleeping

Just curious what everyones evening/night routines. I work FT and my LO is only sleeping an hour or two at a time most nights. Wakes up, feeds and is usually quick to go back to bed. Any suggestions to help him sleep for longer periods. The best he's done was 4.5 hours one night. he'll be 2 months old tomorrow
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4.5 hours at 2 months is awesome!  Babies his age still wake frequently and he sounds like he is right where he should be... a few wakings 1-2 hours with one longer stretch up to 5 hours.  He will get better, and need less feeds but we produce more milk in the early hours so babies tend to nurse often overnight to help stimulate supply.  His tummy is still tiny, as he grows and takes more milk in a feeding he will be able to sleep longer and longer stretches.
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My son is three months old and still wakes up several times a night to nurse. My two year old didnt sleep through the night totally until closer to six months.
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My baby is 2 months n 4 days and she sleeps from 11pm to 8 am sometimes until 9 she doesn't  wake up  during the night  
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My little girl is 9 weeks an she usually will sleep from 8-9 or 10, and wake up and feed, then sleep from about 10 til 5-6, like clockwork she is always at least up by 6 feeding. My doctor told me as long as she's gaining weight good and doing good I didn't need to wake her for feedings, she also uses her pacifier at night, not sure if you use one, it works for us!
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Thanks for the feedback everyone.  We weren't using a pacifier but recently found one he will take maybe that will help.
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My three kids have all been wildly inconsistent.  I just keep in mind that every day the baby is a little stronger/older and that much closer to sleeping through the night.  I try and cluster feed at night to ensure the baby is full.  When the baby feeds in the  middle of the night I keep things as dark as possible and quiet as possible.  That helps too.  My pediatrician told us that at this point the baby still has nutritional needs and he expects baby to wake in the night.  

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