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Baby not happy.

I went to the Dr today baby is 6 Weeks 6 Days and he is constantly spitting up all my breastmilk. When he was born nurses gaved him similac advance for some hrs but switched to sensitive because he would spit up, I stopped formula since day one and exclusively breastfed him but he is still spitting up alot and cranky and fussy and gassy so Dr told me that my milk is not good for his tummy and he isnt digesting my milk so he told me to stop for 3 days and give him similac alimentum (but it cost $30 a can
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UPS havent finish... Why is this happening is it me that Im doing something wrong like not eating right or something. My son is a champ with taking my breast he is always looking for my breast and I love breastfeeding I wouldnt like to give bottle. I never introduced a bottle to my older son so im not good with that. Its harder with a bottle
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Check your diet for things that come through and upset the baby's stomach, like broccoli and other things productive of gas.  There are lists of foods to avoid, google the topic "foods to avoid when breastfeeding."  You can also give him part formula and part breast milk.  If he's a good nurser, it will not confuse him.
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I expect he is a little lactose intolerant, hence the formula the doc suggested.
You can continue to breastfeed but cutting out dairy ( milk in particular) should help with babies fussiness. Also more lacose is present in fore milk; make sure you feed one breast per feed so baby gets all the hind milk. Only offer the second breast if baby is not satisfied after emptying the first breast. Babies often get too much fore milk when moms follow the switch side after a certain amount of time advice that is often given. This happened to me with my second child. Once we did the one breast at a time he was much better and went longer between feeds and slept better too. Good luck

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When you say he is spitting up all your breastmilk is he spitting up whole feeds?
Is he gaining weight and having wet and soiled diapers.
If he isn't gaining weight then this could be a bigger problem and the formula may be required for weight gain. If it is just spit up try the other things I mentioned.
Also if you do go with formula for three days remember to pump. If you want to go back to
nursing you'll need to pump to keep your supply up in the mean time
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I went to dr today and he told me to stop breastfeeding and only give him alimentum because my son has an allergic reaction to lactose.Thats why he was spitting all the milk and had colics and was fussy he even had stuffy nose. I tryed the formula for 4days and he is so much better but i still want to continue with breastfeeding. So ill just have to watch what i eat. He is 9lbs so he is gaining weight.
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there is no need to stop breastfeeding if your son is lactose intolerant.  This is the most expensive option as you have to buy formula.  Also your son won't get the ful benefits of breastmilk, whihc you obviously want to give him.

All you need to do is to stop eating dairy yourself.  No milk, cheese, yoghurt etc. for now.  It can take a couple of weeks for things to settle down completely.  After that you can try cheese and see if he's still ok.

Often they grow out of this as they get older and their gut is more mature.

Please do not stop breastfeeding!  I am sorry, but it really makes me mad when doctors tell mothers to stop breastfeeding instead of telling them their options and what to do so they can CONTINUE breastfeeding.
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