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Birth control while breastfeeding

Can you take birth control while breastfeeding?
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Yeah yu can. They have birth control made for when breastfeeding.. Just ask yur Dr.
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Yes. But there's certain ones that are safe. Ask your doctor.
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There's certain kinds that you can take/use. :) your doctor should have a pamphlet or information to help explain it. That's how I decided to go with the Mirena afterwards.
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Contraceptives are one of the types of the medications that have been scrutinized and have undergone several tests in the past, up to the present to ensure its efficiency and safety for consumption. If you just recently gave birth and is breastfeeding your child regularly, the chances of getting pregnant during the nursing/breastfeeding period is zero. But if you feel like taking in pills just to eliminate the worry of getting pregnant again so early after giving birth, taking contraceptive pills is advisable. But since there are many myths and legends when it comes to taking in contraceptives while breastfeeding, seeking a medical advice from your physician will lessen your worries. Although there are many contraceptive pills that are created with breastfeeding and nursing in mind available in the market nowadays. These medications are over the counter drugs but you should always consult your physician before taking in one. There are actually different kinds of contraceptive pills created for different use; one of them is for breastfeeding mothers. You could also try asking your physician if other contraceptives would work on you and would be safe for you and your baby. There are contraceptives that come as injectable, patches and the like. The best option would be to ask for a medical advice.
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