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Blocked duct

I just noticed this morning that I have a nice sore hard lump on my left breast...well closer to my armpit. I think I remember this with baby #1. Does this sound like a blocked duct? I've been massaging it since I've noticed it and I will massage it as I'm feeding her.
I feed her laying down at night so I hope that's not why. This is also my breast that has a crazy super fast let down so I'm wondering if she just isn't emptying my breast enough.
Any other ways to care for it?
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I've noticed of I feed laying down I get them too.  Apply warm compresses and nurse or pump from that side often.  Good luck.
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I just had one recently also but right side near the arm pit. I think mine was cause my bra was too tight as my milk was coming in. So besides changing bras, I massaged it when in the shower while also trying to self express. Then i always offered that side 1st then pumped the other side if needed and i also fed baby in the football position. I noticed the pain went down after the 1st day and cleared up after 3days.
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Thanks ladies. I fed her from that side and it immediately softened up but it's been a couple days and the area is still tender. Not hard or blocked (that I know of) but bruised feeling when I press on it. I'm going to feed her sitting up if I have to feed on that side at night I think.
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Ok so I'm still getting a bit of a lump and sometimes a burning feeling in that side? It's not constant but comes and goes.
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If you can position your baby so baby's nose points at the sore spot. This often helps. A warm flannel on the area before nursing/pumping can help too. If its really sore ibuprofen can help with inflammation and is safe whilst nursing. Be careful to watch your temperature. If yOu start to get a low grade fever with continued soreness you may need to see your doc for antibiotics so this doesn't develop into painful mastitis.
Best of luck
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Thank you...I'm going to apply heat to it on her next feed. It's not fun to deal with. I've had a blocked duct before but not to this extent. I didn't know it could hurt like this without having even a lump there. It's like an achey burning feeling :(
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