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Boosting supply?

I'm sure this question is asked pretty frequently; does anyone have any suggestions for boosting my milk supply? I have an 8 week old, and it seems like I barely have enough milk for her. I can't pump any extra to store, and though during the day we are ok, every afternoon and evening she gets extremely frustrated and fussy at my breast, as though she is not getting enough.
I started my period last week, which I know is rare when exclusively breastfeeding, and that seemed to diminish my supply further. Has anyone heard anything, or better yet, tried anything, that boosts supply? I have heard a lot about fenugreek, I think it's called....has anyone tried that? But I also read that it makes you and your baby smell like maple syrup (SO bizarre!!) which is unfortunately one of my husbands least favorite scents.
I am so frustrated about this whole situation; like I said, the days are wonderful, but then when she is crying at my breast in the evening, I feel like the worlds worst mother, it's terrible. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Staying hydrated helps me.  I was told by a lactation consultant to pump after the first feeding in the morning - that's when the supply'll be greatest and you would be able to get milk to build a supply.  I've never tried fenugreek but have heard mixed reviews. Hopefully ladies will post with their experience.
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I rented a pump from my hospital and was told to pump throughout the day.  I am a very poor producer though...
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I will pump one side while I am feeding from the other, it helps the pump by my natural letdown happening when Phin is nursing.
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They have a tea out that is call "Mother's Milk Tea"  I found mine at Safeway and it worked great for me.  Everytime my son nursed I would pump right after he was done eating, that helped to build my supply up, now I produce way too much milk.
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I pump exclusively, and I take Fenugreek (I have noticed no smell change!) and Blessed Thistle 3 pills 3 times per day.  I have not noticed an increase in milk supply.  I pump the most in the 2 pumpings in the morning and then it dwindles for the remainder of the day.  I am finishing the pills that I have and then I am done pumping.  It makes me very sad as a mother, because I cannot provide that for my baby.  It is very hard to pump and not get enough.  As the demands of my son's eating have increased, I cannot keep up.  There are lots of formula-fed babies who do just fine.  It was hard to come to terms with and lots of work with the lactation consultant.  Good luck!
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I am having a similar issue.  Once I returned to work full-time I was unable to pump as much as she was consuming.  She tends to eat about 15 ounces while I'm gone, but I can only pump 10 or 11.  I started taking fenugreek and pumping after my first morning feed.  I get about two ounces then and can add that to what i get at work.  I have found it somewhat successful, but have heard from others that it was wonderful for them so I would encourage you to try it.  It does smell a little like maple syrup--one of my least favorite scents--but i've actually gotten used to it--and it's worth it to me so that i can keep breastfeeding.  I have also found that when i have oatmeal for breakfast i am able to pump an ounce or two more during the day.
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During the evening hours your body releases a hormone from your body that makes your baby very fussy when on the breast, this only tends to happen during the even hours.
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Hm, that's interesting, I've never heard about that hormone. Do you know anything else about it?
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I had issues with my supply when my DS was newborn. I have been taking fenugreek, Mother's Milk Tea, and I eat oatmeal for breakfast every morning and I have a perfect supply now. I dont take the pills and tea every day anymore, but a few times a week. I was taking the pills after every meal (3 pills three times a day) and the tea 3-5 times a day. I don't know if it was the pills or not that made my milk increase, but my son has already double his birth weight and he is 3 months. I know I have pleny of milk cause he is never fussy.
Although just because your baby is fussy at the breast doesn't automatically reflect your supply. There are several reasons for being fussy. A big reason is what you eat may cause your baby to have gas or an upset tummy. I have noticed that my son gets fussy if I eat food cooked with onions and peppers, brocoli, cabbage and any other food that you know can cause gas. Also, gripe water helps when he is fussy.
I also knowit is contoversal with breast feeding, but my son loves his pacifier. If I only allowed him to use me when he wants to pacify he would be on my boob all day. I can tell when he wants to suck verses eat becasue when he *****, he pulls off as soon as he gets milk and gets fussy. If I give him his pacifier he is fine. However I did not use the pacifier too much early on when I was trying to build up my supply, but now that I am in the maintaining stage, he uses thepacifier quite often.
Good luck and stick with it. Also remember they get fussy and seem to want to nurse way more when they are going through a growth spurt!
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