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Breast Milk Decreasing :-(

My boy is 10 weeks old and on nursing strike. Each time I wanted to feed him.. I feel like me and him are wrestling.. I pump and feed him through the bottle. Now my milk is decreasing since he not want to take breast anymore. I really want to have my boy breast feeding at least 6 months.  He is now not even 3 months and my milk almost gone.

Any suggestions or ideas that help me keep my milk?  

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How often are you pumping and for how long? What pump are you using? A little more info and we can probably help you. There are lots of pumpers here, and it can be possible to bring your supply back. You need a hospital grade double pump, and need to be sure that the horns fit you. Until your supply is built back up, you should pump every 2-3 hours for 10-15 minutes. Once your supply is established, you may be able to drop pumps. Make sure pumping is relatively comfortable. if it's not, let us know the problem and we may be able to help pinpoint the cause.

Is he willing to nurse when sleepy or during the night? If so, continue that because it can also help your supply.

There are supplements you can take. I have heard blessed thistle and fenugreek help some. There is also mothers milk tea. And be sure to drink plenty. That is the single most important thing I have noticed- if I don't drink enough during the day, my supply noticably drops.

Give us a little more info on your pump and pumping habits, and we'll do our best to help you out! In the mean time, don't get too upset if you have to supplement. Any breastmilk your baby gets is a gift, and formula certainly won't take away from most of the benefits.
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My son did that too!  I worked and he got to point her preferred bottled breastmilk over nursing (because it is much faster for him) - my supply was dropping and I couldn't even pump enough for him to eat - so I stopped giving him the bottle while I was home.   My pediatrician said that if he was hungry -he would nurse. and after a few stubborn nursing sessions (or refusal to nurse) - Landen started to nurse again and he realized that while mom is home he nurses and when mom is not home he can have the bottle.  
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I had to do the same as durhamjk1 above with my daughter.  When I'm home it's mum or nothing. When I'm out she gets bottles.

We had a few sessions of nothing and she quickly learned.  That was 12 months ago now and she's 14 months now and going strong. And she prefers Mum to bottles now.... If I'm home she won't take a bottle.

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also make sure that the bottle nipple is slow flow like a newborn nipple as breast feed babies ahve to suck harder to nurse then bottle feed. If doing both you use that nipple the whole time no matter of age. Medela has them in bogger sizes fo rthat reason.

drink lots of water and use fenugreek 2 capsles three x a day
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