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Breast feeding- not okay ?

I want to breast feed my baby because im a woman and it's my nature. But I'm not okay with the idea of something other than my boyfriend latching on to my nipples. I'm very sensitive and I don't think it's okay in any way if it stimulates me. That is just some weird sh!t. Should I just use the pump ? I also herd breast feeding makes the nipples soar n tender and sometimes crack. . has any one else felt weird about breast feeding ? Please I'm in real inner conflict and it's uncomfortable that this is even an issue.
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Do whatever you feel most comfortable with.
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Trust me its absolutely different when a baby is latching.  My son will soon be 2 and still breastfeed.  Its a moment of pure love. Besides your level of milk will increase only if you breastfeed. I say go for it. Your baby will soon be grown up before you realise it.
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I felt the same way and I was able to look past the weird feeling I thought I would have and breast fed both my girls.The thing is, it doesn't feel good at all. It actually kinda hurts. Or at least that's what I remember from it. At the sametime you build a huge bond doing and I am so glad I set that fear aside and tried it.
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And yes those do happen to your nipples as far as soar and cracking but use lansonil or whatever it's called and there are thing soothies that I used to help cool them after nursing and it helped a lot.  
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I felt the same as you.  I chose to exclusively pump.  And milk will not necessarily only increase if they latch.  I produced 90+ ounces a day with 5 pumps.  I realize that not everyone has those results so if you do choose to EP then make sure to pump just like you'd feed the baby.  That and I'd recommend a good pump.  But your not alone in that feeling.  I did try to breastfeed but it just didnt click.  Also i have EP'd for all 3 of my kiddos and plan on doing it again for this coming baby.
Thank you for the response. I thought that it was me being childish. I'm not heartless and want to bond w said baby, but I can only imagine Ms looking down like " yooo- wut r u dooooiiin!?" XD ima go and order myself some damn pumps.
You can certainly still bond with your baby even if you pump.  But in my opinion i would give it a try for a bit
and if it doesn't "work" for you then you haven't failed... you are choosing the best for you and your baby.  
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I understand how you feel. And I thought the same thing at first, and at first it was a little weird,  but it's a totally different feeling.  I feel deep bonding with our baby during feedings, and also relief because ohhh the pain!! Lol. But it doesn't give me a sexual feeling what's so ever .  
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When you are nursing, there is a different purpose for your breasts. I totally get what you are saying and it isn't weird or crazy at all.  Believe me - I totally get it!  When I was nursing my breasts were functional for the babies and that was it. After I was done nursing, back to playing with my husband!  ;-)
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