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I'm 18 I'm pregnant with my first(: but I'm considering breast feeding, any pros and cons with it?
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.If you want to know more about breastfeeding, start w/ the benefits. Breastfeeding used to be easy. We used to grow up seeing it, being curious about it, and were expected to do it. Now in a modern world we have a lot of "hands in the fire" and a lot of medical procedures that could cause additional barriers. Many moms find breastfeeding classes and support groups very helpful in our modern world. :) The reason I always start w/ the benefits is because there is a "light at the end of the tunnel" while going through the first couple of weeks where breastfeeding has been found to be trying for many women.

Breastfeeding is very good for mom and baby.

They have a strong bond formed from the hormone exchange (oxytocin aka "love hormone")

Mothers look at less bleeding post partum and may not see their menstral cycle return for as long as she is exclusively breastfeeding (and maybe longer). This is because her estrogen levels are lower (also decreasing her chances for cancer throughout a lifetime) and because her uterus is shrinking back to her normal size (which also makes a flatter tummy).

Mothers look at burning around 500 calories/day just by breastfeeding a single baby! Weight loss is phenominal!

Breastfed babies are sick less since breastmilk is full of antibodies, antiviruses, antiparasites...This saves money as well since you don't have to pay for gas to the doctor, miss work, and waste time during Dr. visits. And makes parenting a lot easier since you're not worried about your sick baby.

Breastfeeding saves money, even for mothers who qualify for WIC, look at spending money on formula every month.

Breastfed babies have less diaper rash and cry less (making parenting a lot easier)

Breastfed babies have watery, seedy, yellow and easy to wipe off stools that are very light smelling (most moms actually have to check to see if their baby has passed a stool), a formula fed infant has dark colored, sticky, thick stools that are hard to wipe off (look at more diaper rash) and there isn't any checking... You and everyone else in the grocery store will know as soon as your baby goes. The odor is very strong.

There aren't any set in stone rules to breastfeeding accept "don't do illegal drugs" (which applies to everyone) but as for what you eat, drink, or do on the weekends, there are safe ways to make breastfeeding work, no matter what lifestyle you live. (avoid HIV as this is a contraindication)
We used to set all of these rules for moms that breastfeed, which we have recently changed to increase duration and weigh out pros and cons... The fact is that moms are tired of hearing "don't do this, don't drink that, and don't eat this" during their pregnancy... So don't set up too many rules for yourself and let breastfeeding be a normal part of your life. You, like many of us will find it completely enjoyable and will be worried more about weaning than actual breastfeeding. (I'm dreading the day my babies don't want to breastfeed anymore.)

There are many other benefits.... but my favorite is just that breastfeeding is sooo much easier.

I'm sure the women on here can share plenty other great benefits!
Congratulations on your baby and weighing out your decisions to find out if breastfeeding is right for you. :) 3 out of 4 moms are finding that it is the right choice for them and their baby. We would love to see you on the forum w/ future questions about breastfeeding a stories about your baby girl or boy! :) .
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For me the cons are that only you can feed him. But the pros are having that bond with your baby, its so healthy, its easy to just whip out a boob. Lol and on and on! Good choice!
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I hadn't thought of that!

That is very true in the first couple of weeks while breastfeeding has been established, but after that, moms can get out and do the things they normally do. Just express your milk and leave it behind w/ a sitter, then you'll be able to enjoy yourself more since you won't only look and feel better while you're out, but you'll know that you've left a special part of you behind. :)
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