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When do you guys think is appropriate to stop breast feeding?
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I still breastfeed my 2year old son but slowly getting him off of it sice he knows how to say boob and then go and get it
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Ive always heard the first 6 months
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I think after 6 months is good but I'll be stopping at 3 months
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When its not working for you and baby anymore. I stopped at 4wks because baby was underweight.
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I nursed my son for two years until I got really sick and had to take a medication that wasn't safe for him. Worldwide the average weaning age is 4-5 years old. Breast milk offers amazing benefits to older babies and toddlers even into the preschool years. Weaning because of what other people think is "appropriate" instead of going by what is best for baby... that's shocking and sad to me. My son could tell me in sign that he wanted to nurse at just a few months old - I never thought that I should deny him just because he could tell me what he needed. He got his first teeth at ten months old, and I taught him not to use them on me - no problem. He started walking a little later than average, at 15 months... but I never thought that his nutritional needs changed the moment his method of movement did. I went back to work at 6 weeks postpartum and became a full-time nursing student when my son was 6 months old, and worked hard to maintain my supply to make sure I could supply him with what he needed from me. Can't wait to nurse the new baby when he or she arrives, I hope to make it longer than two years this time.
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Anything after 6 months is terrible to me , I honestly wouldn't breastfeed after that . But to each it's own .
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I only breast fed for 3 days lol. I planned to do it longer but its difficult with male family and friends around all the time so i just quit. He got a few days of colostrum, my milk never even came in.
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They suggest 6 months of only breast feeding and nothing else and then to two years that's what my lactation consultant said
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Do what you think is best. I weaned my son at 6 months and continued to pump till he was 8 months then started using my supply in the freezer. He will have breast milk on into his 1st year of life but I regret weaning at 6 months. I did it because of pressure from others saying it was time to wean. I wish I would have at least kept the morning an night feeds. I miss that time with my son. It's only something a mama can do an it's very special.  My husband tells me not to worry about it cause he has plenty of milk in the freezer but I get mad at myself for stopping so early. Because I did it because of other people not cause I was ready to wean or my son was ready. My husband was a big support and told me to do what I wanted not what every one else wanted or thought was best. I wish I had done as he said. Sorry so long but do what you think  and feel as best. Don't worry about how long other people do it. Good luck! And good job!
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I'm nursing my 14 month old and I love it! But you stop once you feel its time. Don't let people tell you what to do :) goodluck
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The healthiest timing based on research is to exclusively breastfeed till 6 months, then continue along with introducing other foods until at least a year. The World Health Organization recommends two years! I don't understand why someone would chose to stop at 6 months unless you had to since Theresa so.many nutritional and immune system benefits.
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My daughter is a year next week. My supply is diminishing so we are weaning her off now. I originally was only going to for 6 months, but once I got there, I felt I wasn't ready yet. There is no rule....do what is right for you and your family.
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