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Breast feeding in public

Ladies how do you handle bread feeding in public. I don't plan on pumping and introducing a bottle until 4 weeks or so and my hubby and I go out to breakfast every Sunday and enjoy going places on weekends. We are hoping to continue this once little one comes. As much as i plan get baby ready to go out I am sure there will be times he is hungry. So I would love to hear how you ladies handled this in the early ages.
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Congrats! I'm so happy you plan to feed in public.

Know that you have a right to do so.

Some moms choose to wear layers (cami under loose shirt). They pull down the cami and lift the loose shirt on top, exposing only a small portion of the breast, which the baby's head covers.

Others wear a low fitting top and bring the breast out of the top of her shirt... Some moms would rather do this than expose their entire mid section when lifting and not wearing layers.

Some moms choose to use nursing covers. Some moms feel this draws more attention.

No matter how you do it, you're protected and we will be here cheering you on sister! :)

Awesome question.

You may get stares... maybe even comments... but you're doing the right thing. If someone has a problem w/ that, that's all it is... their problem.
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Get ready for my million of questions lol. I think I am just worried what other people will say in public but I like the wrap idea or wearing layers. I don't see many people nurse in public. Even a friend of ours she would pump and bring a bottle with her. I don't want to introduce him to a bottle until I am ready to go back to work and I know shortly after we bring him home from the hospital we will be taking him out in public. I am glad there are tricks to make it seem less obvious.
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I have some great nursing shirts that I purchased from Thyme maternity. When my baby is latched on you cant even tell she is nursing.
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I'll have to google it. Thanks:)
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I bought nursing shirts that I wear. I have a nursing cover but I never use it. I breastfeed in public ALL the time. I have never once had a dirty look, nobody has ever said anything either. The most I've ever gotten is smiles, comments like "aw so sweet" and things like that. I think 99% of the time you can't really tell when someone is nursing in public. If you are truly uncomfortable with it, nurse in your car or in the fitting room of stores. I found it helpful to nurse at home in front of my husband and mom, then other friends with kids and slowly work up to nursing in public. If you nurse in front of a mirror you will realize how little actually shows when you nurse. Most people would just think you are holding your baby and nothing else.
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I love this group!!! Thanks for the info.  You have made me feel better already.  As I mentioned earlier I dont come accross it much when I am out and about but again like you said maybe its hard to notice.  The one time I did see it was at an Italian place for dinner and the lady was in the booth nursing her baby she had a tursing tank top on  and you couldnt see anything.  
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I just carried a little baby blanket in my bag------  I'd wear a nursing top and bra too.  I'd position baby with everything closed up and put the little blanket over him and then reach under and undo and he'd latch and eat.  I'm really really modest but found that to work for me.  

good luck
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It's great to hear you love the group! We love the questions! :)
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I always have a baby blanket with me and just cover myself with it. Or if it is a bit cooler and I know I'll be out for a bit longer, I wear a poncho, provides GREAT coverage.
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You can alway nurse in front of friends first or a mirror to warm up to the idea and practice :)
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great idea to nurse infront of friends first.  We always have Thanksgiving at our house so that will be the test this year so hopefully between when he is born in aug and thansgiving ill get the hang of nursing in front of people and it might not be so acward.
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I had a nursing cover that I used and loved. I also had a few 'nursing' shirts that were great - super convent and easy to use.  I was able to quickly access myself for my babies and things worked out great.  Once my kids got older (6-9 months) and were more active, nursing in public using the nursing cover became a little tricky because the kids would grab at the cover and want to pull it out of the way so they could see what was going on around them!
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