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Breast infection

I have a small infection caused by a blocked milk duct and was wondering whether or not I could nurse on that breast. The dr gave me a rather ambiguous answer...
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The best thing to do would be to continue nursing like you are so your supple doesn't dwindle. Do warm compresses in between to see if it will release. That should help. I had a blocked milk duct when I was nursing my son and the warm compresses helped to relieve it. I had a friend who got so bad on one breast but stuck with it even though it was extremely painful and did warm compresses and it eventually cleared up. If it gets really bad or you notice anyother symptoms, call your doc and let them know.
What did your doc actually say to you when you asked?
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He told me to pump and toss the milk, then when I asked why, he said that there were no studies actually proving that the infection would pass to the baby. Last night I did lots of research and the La leche league says it's okay to nurse give milk from the infected breast because the infection is not in the milk but the duct tissue itself.
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i'm surprised your doctor said that. I was told to continue feeding the baby the milk by both my OB and LC.
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I'm suprised he said that as well. I would just keep doing what you are doing. It will most likely clear up on it's own.
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I've had blocked milk ducts also. The best thing to do is to keep nursing, massage the lump while nursing, and position the baby's lower mouth near the blocked duct. I've never heard to toss the milk.
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