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Breast milk and formula: do they mix?

Hello ladies! Our son is nearly 5 weeks old and I have been pumping. I give him both breast milk and formula. I like for us to give him the milk during the day and formula at night (since it's thicker). My question is: is it safe for us to give him about an oz of milk and mix it with formula? I want him to have the nutrition my milk provides while keeping him fuller longer. Thank you!
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I supplemented my LO's diet with formula at first.  While in the hospital they told me to do either pure formula or pure breastmilk feedings and not to mix, someh
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Oops hit post too soon.

To continue, I was told that mixing with formula would take away from the good properties of the breastmilk.  So I'd wait until I had enough milk for a whole feeding instead of combing wit formula.

I also tried to do formula at night.  It is higher in fat and LO would sleep longer after formula meals than after breastmilk meals.

Good luck!
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Thank you for responding! Do you no longer give your LO formula as well?
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Yes once my supply got good enough I stopped supplementing.  I'm still at home with her but go back to work soon and may need to supplement then, since supply can drop then.  I'm all for supplementing if you need or want to, it worked great for my daughter and they still get lots of benefits from any breast milk.
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