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Breast milk post abortion

I know it is possible to express milk even after an abortion. How long does that last? Does it increase your chances of breast cancer?
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Unless it was a late term abortion, there should not be a need to dry up your milk. However, if it was, you should speak with your doctor.
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Don't try to express it.  Tight bra, no stimulation of the breasts, and eventually it should go away.  It is often possible to squeeze some milky substance out of the breasts for months afterwards.

It does not increase your chances of breast cancer.

If you have a spontaneous milk discharge (without squeezing) and its been some time since the abortion, you should run it by your doctor.  There are medical conditions that can cause this.
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Thanks, Peek for chiming in.
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I have the same problem too. I had my abortion now 6yrs ago, dont jusdge me, i was in an abusive relationship,  and with me my boobs were itchy this other day and I was scratching and squeeze the breast and I noticed a little bit of milk, i was scared, should I be scared, should i tell a doctor about this?
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If it has been 6 years since your abortion, you should not still be having milk.  You really need to schedule an appointment with your doctor to make sure everything is ok.  The only other I can think of is maybe you are pregnant again?  Regardless, make an appointment to see your doctor.
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hi i was wondering if you could help me, 3 years ago i had an abortion, and 4 a while after my breast were leaking, but it stopped. then the other night i cort my breast on the door (yes am clumsy lol) and my breast leaked again, i squeezed it and more came out. i had a period, and the 1st day was 16/10/09 so it hasnt even been a month since my last period, i am a lil bit tired then normal and had quite a few bad head aches recently....is this normal? i would do a test but i know its 2 eraly to do 1, and plus i took 6 tests last time and they all came back negative until i went to the dr and it came back posative and i was 10 weeks?
many thanks
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You need to see your doctor. You would not be expressing milk this early if you were pregnant.
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I had an abortion a couple weeks ago.My breast still have milk in them when I squeeze them.Is this normal? Should I call the doctor? How long will this last?
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i had an arbotion in nov 09 BUT MY BREAST ARE STILL LICKING(Likee whe i wake up my bed ***** n my nightie will be wet around the boob area!)iz zat normal?
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Ladies, i had an abortion due to some reasons 5 years before and it happened fine..........but from that time i am having colostrum (white thick in color) from my breasts. i consulted my doctor she check it and have some tests and said the prolactin level is normal but having thyroid level is 24 and said it is just hormonal imbalance, and there is nothing any problem and she said it would go only after if i conceive and having the baby. i am worried that it is fine or has it happen with someone else or not?...........plz someone reply i am worried
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Hi I just turned 18 and I,got an,abortion in august 10, and from now I dnt have my period my breast are leakin and im scared and im,gaining weight I dnt know what to do
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Did you have unprotected sex after? If so, it's possible you're pregnant again. It could also be they didn't get everything. Did you make a follow up appointment, or have blood work to see if your levels dropped?
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five years ago I aborted but now I notice a little milk come out from my breast after scratching it. Now please suggest me how can I dry up my breast. And I am not pregnant.
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january i had an abortion, and it is mid june now and ive squeeze my nipples and saw milk, can i be pregnant? cause i am trying again :) havent took a test as yet, but experiancing headaches, tiredness and eating alot.
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