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Breast pump tubing

How do you clean breast pump tubing? My lactation consultant said to put a little alcohol in them, shake it out, and let air dry. I've read not to wash and sanitize because it makes them cloudy. For some reason they keep getting condensation in them. I'm making sure the milk is no where near the valves. Any suggestions on that?
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I run hot water thought mine
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I'd wash it in warm soapy water and then use one of those sanitizing bags you put in the microwave.
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I boiled mine and then hung to dry. Mine was an ameda collection kits and tubing and collection kits were to be boiled to sterilize...microwave sterilizers were not recommended.
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That's funny because my Medela microwave sanitization bag has directions on it for sanitizing pump tubing.
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Ameda (the one I had) and Medela are made by different companies maybe that is why they have different recommendations. I guess the original poster is better off sending an email to the manufacturer to see what they advise.

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I agree its best to go by what the manufacturer recommends for cleaning.  I own both a Medela and Ameda pump and know they are from different companies. My Ameda pump instruction manual says its not necessary to wash tubing.
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I have a Medela PISA. I had just been told not to wash or sanitize them if it can be avoider because it makes them cloudy. Did yours gets cloudy with washing or sanitizing? I did do the rubbing alcohol, but it takes forever to air dry.
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