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Breastfeeding, must read

This my second pregnancy. I breastfeed with my daughter for maybe 2 months. I couldn't produce alot. And she wouldn't latch on I had to pump than give it to her. I want to breastfeed with this baby but how can I get my milk to last longer? And also.....
My boob size dropped tremendously after I breastfeed my daughter I went from a Small D cup to a B cup.
How can I possibly get my breast back? Did anyone have that problem? Was it cause I breastfed?
I was a small d before I got pregnant and than after I had her and breastfeed my boobs shrunk.
I don't want them smaller with this baby lol.
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I breastfeed for 9 months and voluntarily stopped because of where I was working , I wasn't on any type of schedule or anything I breastfeed baby girl on demand. My LO wanted to eat like every 2-3 hrs and after I breastfeed I pumped . I didn't follow a diet or anything I incorporated chia seeds && I would eat 2-3 lactation cookies or brownies. Drink plenty of water && even add a Gatorade in the mix. Sleep when you can. There's a list of things you can do you just have to find what works for you(Pinterest). Latching wise I would call the lactation dept at the hospital all day until We got it lol .There's groups on Facebook that I follow && they were a big help, I'm 19wks preggo with my 3rd & I plan on breastfeeding a year this time. My boobs did go down but idk why , also it doesn't matter how large or small your breast are they will produce the milk ! Hope this helped momma !!!!
Can you make the cookies / brownies or do you buy them?
The only thing that really helped me produce was oatmeal but I got so tired of eating it
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Pinterest have a lot of different recipes if you have free time I suggest making your own , I use to always order from a girl out of our breastfeeding group but then started saving money by making them myself. The oatmeal raisin cookies were my fav
I'm going to have to try to make them... Can you eat them while pregnant? Or will it harm the baby? I'm 12weeks and I'm trying really hard to have a good pregnancy.. With my daughter I was underweight and I could not gain weight at all and so far I'm having this problem again... And I was reading that they have alot of nutrients so I don't see why it would hurt the baby to eat some now ?
But just curious.....
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I don't think that eating them while preggo will be a problem I eat a brownie every now and then and I'm perfectly fine.
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Well, this is the sad truth.  Breast feeding can break down breast tissue.  I nursed both of my kids and my second one for a good while.  Definitely I have different size and shape breasts after that.  I wouldn't change anything--  very worth it.  However, you should do light weight lifting for your pec muscles to help maintain the tissue while nursing as many women do find themselves a bit smaller after the experience.  good luck
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For me staying hydrated played a huge role.  I stuck with things, asked for help of anybody and everybody around with my first son and was able to find success.  I met with a lactation consultant at the hospital a few weeks after my first was born and that also helped.  This forum was a huge support as well. Looks like you already have gotten some good advice!

In reference to boob size, mine got smaller after I was done nursing as well. I doubt there is anything that can be done about that outside of surgery - if there is let me know!
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