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Ik this is only for expecting mothers but my daughter is two months and I am slowly giving up on breastfeeding her and I don't want to but she cracks my nipples so bad and idk what to do please help because I'm giving her formula way more then nursing her and its making me really sad
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Keep trying and dont give up. I bf my 3 year old and currently still bf'ing my 15 month old. Although I do need to wein him off asap bc im expecting in may. The cracks on your nipples are normal. There are creams to soothe them after each time you nurse if they are sore. A nice hot bath or warm cloth help too. Speak to a lactating consultant over the phone if you need extra guidance. You will get the hang of it I promise. Im no expert, but I do know how you feel. Good luck :)
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Thank you, I do have the cream in the purplish tube but doesn't seem to help much because next day I try to feed her I crack again
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Try rubbing your milk on you after feeding and continuing the cream. Breastmilk helps soothe any dryness I have. Although it does return daily the cream and ur milk will atleast stop the discomfort. Goodluck
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Lanolin was my best friend when I started nursing each of my kids - no joke.  I also found some gel nursing pads that could go in the refrigerator that was AWESOME!!
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I used the lanolin every time I nursed - literally slathered it on after the baby was done. Every. Time.  

It got better - is the good news. Wasn't always like that. It was almost like my nipples had to build up to it or something…?!!
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I use the lanolin but don't always remember to put on after evry feeding. I try to put the milk but I feel like I don't produce enough to even get a few drops over it.
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Don't feel like I produce
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