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So I had my son on the 26th and everyone has been telling me to switch to formula because I have flat nipples and the only way to get my son to latch is with a nipple shield. My doctor said that as long as I'm feeding him I'm doing great but my boyfriends mother is under the assumption that because I'm using a nipple shield I'm going to give my son bad teeth. Is this true?
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No way! I had flat nipples as well and my son had had a tongue tie. I used a nipple shield for 6 weeks and after that he was able to suck hard enough and my nipples were no longer flat. Haha. I breastfed my son for 20 months. And he sucked his thumb for a year! And his teeth are fine. Using a nipple shield is usually temporary anyway. Keep up breastfeeding by any means!! :) it's the best
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Breastfeed! Maybe find a lactation consultant.  I had my baby girl on the 24th and only one boob cane in with milk. Seen lactation consultant and she said "the first two weeks are only about survival. After that the issues normally find a way to work themselves out "
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I have talked with a lactation consultant and she said he would be fine. It's more about hereditary then how he is fed.
My milk is in and my son is eating so much. He is feeding every hour and a half for 30 mins+ I wanted to see how much he was getting so I pumped one breast while he was nursing on the other side and I got 13oz from the one.
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