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Can i get my milk back?

Hey everyone,
I used a breast pump for a month after my daughter was born because she would not take the breast. When entering the second month i stopped pumping because i felt like a complete slave to the pump. My daughter is now 2 months old and has been showing signs of wanting to breastfeed. Finally!! lol, but i haven't pumped for a month. Can i still get my milk supply back? If so, how?
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Put your baby to the breast as often as possible and let her suck.  You may also want to start pumping again.  If you still have some milk left it may be possible to build it up again.

Type relactation into your browser and you should find some good information.
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it is technically possible, i do know someone who did it. But it will take a huge committment, a lot of time, and a lot of work. it's not something you can try on a whim and expect to work. For the woman i know, it took months before she built her supply up enough to nurse exclusively. You will probably need the help of a good lactation consultant to see if the baby can learn how to latch. Unfortunately, in order to build a supply, you probably will have to nurse and pump. If the LC can get the baby to latch, she may be able to set you up with a supplemental nursing system to help the baby keep latching while still getting the stimulation to build up your supply. You can also speak to your dr. Like Annie said, there are medications that can help bring in your milk if you completely dried up.

I am curious... what are the signs you are seeing? If the baby never nursed, what makes you think that she may be interested? Have you been trying? If so, how is she responding. I am not saying any of this to discourage you. I am a big advocate of bf'ing. I just want you to know what kind of committment it would take. I imagine it would be exceptionally difficult if you are a working mom.
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yes.. you can get your milk back.. breastfeeding your baby so your breast can stimulate then pump every 2 or 3 hours... There is a herb you can take... Fenugreek tablet.. it does work... I pump more than breastfeeding my baby.. he doesn't want it.. I took the tablet for 3 days and my breast fuller and milk come alot.

Good luck
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yep the fenugreek and also blessed thistle (not milk thistle as you can not take that while bf!!) It helps but I would suggest skin to skin contact while at home as much as possible which means taking off your shirt and bra in between feeds. Also spoon feeding. medela makes a thing just for that! There si also the SNS which you can use on your finger or breast and use formula and the baby will only get the formula when the milk is goen but will still be nursing on the breast! It is not as hard as you would think unless your milk is totally gone. It si worth it! Look up Jack Newman in your search engine and he has vidoes on it and ltos of info! They do have medicine available. They have Reglan which is a stomach pill and even guys that take it can lactate but it is not as highly recommende as motilium. But moltilium is not available in all states and I got it from Canada, you do not ahve to have a perscription. I nursed well get ready to nurse an adopted baby that we ended up not being able to get. I used the herbs and it has been 7 years since I had not nursed a baby and got an once form each side on just 10 days pumping every two hours. As you will not have much milk at first you probable will have to nurse every two hours. Good luck and I commend you for going for it!!! Babies have that sucking reflex and know automatically to go to the breast! even if they are bottle feed it is instinct! THey can smell it on you. Watch the crawling video on there it si cute! This little baby a day or two old is placed on mom bare skin and starts moving and bobbing till it gets the breast on its own! It is not placed in a hold to feed and goes there herself! so awsome!
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Yes the milk can come back.Its a lot physcological they say! It worked for me though! Be sure that God will gve you the milk to nurse your baby and be positive,when you latch the baby onto your breast,be sure the milk supply is coming and it will.
Be sure you are not controlling your diet, it affects.Try to have water or some liquid just before you start nursing.Have buttered asparagus,coconut,coconut water,fenugreek leaves/seeds/tablet.They all help in milk supply.
PL note if you are stressed it will affect and there will be reduced--to no supply of milk for the baby.

Key is to believe positively. remember your emotions are being passed on to your little one.
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I havent had kids in 8 years and im 29. If i squeese lightly around my nipple i get thr clear stuff. Then its white. Can i pump and donate now or no?

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