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I am exclusively pumping and it has been four months that I have been doing this.  I have read all the prevention methods and treatment methods for clogged ducts, but nothing works except for harshly massaging my breast.  Frankly, I wouldn't even call it "massaging" but more "squeezing and the life out of my breast." The clogs always happen in various areas.  I have tried EVERYTHING to prevent it!  I have bought over 17 different bras.  But, with no exaggeration, I have a clogged duct every other day if not every day.  I am at my wit's end because I spend about 2 to 3 hours trying to relieve the the clogged ducts whenever it happens.  I currently have a clogged duct and the lump is about the size of my fist (I usually get about 16 oz every time I pump both my breast).  It is extremely painful and red and is currently going on 48 hours.  I fear mastitis.  Painkillers are not giving me any relief.  But, I don't have a fever.  Should I be worried?  If it doesn't come out within 3 days but don't have a fever, should I still see a doctor?  I am tired of everyone telling me to use a hot compress and take hot showers because they don't work.  And everyone that I talked to doesn't have the frequent clogs that I do.  Is this not normal?  Does my diet have any affect on my clogs?  I probably sound hysterical, but I am driving myself CRAZY trying to not give up on breastfeeding everyday.  
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do you take lecithin? I have read that helps prevent clogs. ***********************/nutrition/vitamins/lecithin.html
kellymom also said, "B-complex, evening primrose oil and thyme have also been recommended for treating recurrent plugged ducts."

i did some research and found other suggestions.
~cut down on saturated fats in your diet
~pumping more often

My additional thoughts-
~try a different kind of horn/shield. yours may be too small, preventing proper drainage? i personally LOVE the pumpin pals angled shield (i should be conpensated for all the praise i give them! lol!)
~different pump? or try different speeds when you pump

for getting those nasty clogs out- i found that my manual pumps got them out quickly and easily. i discovered this when i EP'ed with my first baby. after a previous episode of mastitis, i panicked when i found another clog. My electric pump wasn't an option at the moment and i wanted to get it out ASAP. all i had on hand was the cheap manual that came free along with my pump in style. it looks like a bike pump (also got one in the accessory kit from the hospital). In less than a minute, it su.cked the clog out. i think it's because you can control the suction and do long hard pulls. Last time I EP'ed, i got clogs every few weeks. This time around I haven't had one (knock on wood- almost 4 months in). I wonder if it's because I use my manual 1/2 the time. This time I use the Harmony, but it also has a much different suction than the pump in style. It's much harsher than the PISA so i wouldn't use a manual all the time, but it can't hurt to try to use it to get the clog out.
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grr... you can search kelly mom and lecithin for that very important and helpful medical info.
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