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Depression/Anxiety/Panic attacks after stopping BFing

Hi everyone. I just weaned my 22 month old about 6 weeks ago and I've been having anxiety/panic attacks/depression for about a week now. Has anyone experienced anything similar? When i weaned her down to once a day, I went through about 2-3 months of the same thing. My doctors did not relate it to breastfeeding though and were just quick to prescribe an anti-depressant which i didnt want to take because i was still nursing. I have not seen anyone since these started up again (about a week now) but I'm not sure i want to get on any medication since we are TTC. My last pregnancy was amazing. I felt GREAT the whole time. I keep thinking if i just get pregnant i'll feel great again but im nervous that the anxiety/panic attacks/depression will continue through the next pregnancy and I wouldn't want to do that to myself/baby.  The past week I've felt horrible. I just have an out of it feeling, confused, nervous, panicky, can't concentrate, bad memory, etc. i am a stay at home mom and my husband has been traveling 8 out of the past 9 weeks which isn't helping either. he's also not much help with the anxiety when he is home because he says he "doesn't understand it".  he doesn't see how it could be related to breastfeeding but I just know it is! Does anyone have any experience with this? If i dont get on any medication, how long do you think it would last? Can I just let it pass? Is it my body just working the hormones back out? If i get pregnant again (we're supposed to try this week bc im about to ovulate) will i feel much better bc my hormones will be better? Let me know your thoughts! thanks so much!
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There are plenty of physical reasons for anxiety and panic attacks. Adrenal fatigue, for instance.
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It could very well be your hormones. It actually sounds a lot like post partum depression. I would talk to your OBGYN before trying to conceive. Or you could call the La Leche League. They would probably be able to give you some insight.
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This same thing has been happening to me! I dropped from full time nursing/pumping to mornings and nights in September, and started getting palpitations again (I had gotten them 2 years ago when I stopped birth control when TTC, so I know they are hormone-related). Then the week of Thanksgiving I dropped the last two feedings, within days of each other. Thanksgiving day I had an episode which I think was a panic attack, and since then have been getting them every Friday-Saturday (I work Monday through Thursday, so it's weird that it's just on the weekends), as well as some palpitations through the week. I am going to my GP this week because I want to make sure it's not something more serious, and see how I can manage these symptoms. I think that the weaning must play a big part, especially because I was doing the breastfeeding for 14 months. I too felt great during my pregnancy, the palpitations had gone away completely then, which is strange because I think they usually occur during pregnancy for most women who get them.
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I had the same problem with my second son.  I taked to my ob and she suggested we try natural remedies first before we moved on to meds.  She said make sure I was on a good multivitamin, add a calcium and vitamin d supplement and get 20 minutes exercise 3 times a week or more if possible.  In about 3 weeks it all cleared up.  Good luck to you.
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oopps talked to my ob that is...lol
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Thanks for the advice! I stopped breastfeeding my 2-year-old about 3 weeks ago and am now experiencing what seems to be panic attacks. Racing heart, light headaches, shaky feeling... Went to the ER, BP and EKG were fine. Now doing a blood and urine work-up. They prescribed me a sedative which I didn't want to use but was forced to a couple of times. I just want this feeling to go away and I can't seem to make it! After blood/urine tests will go see OB to see if its the hormones. Will try your suggestions trying43! Thanks!
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I am still BF my 12 month old daughter, but I have been having panic attacks associated with my postpardum depression since she was 2 weeks old. I used to have them every day until she was 4 months old , then it dropped to once per week, then every once in a while, etc. For me it is DEFINITELY hormone related. My mother and all the women in my family have gotten anxiety/panic attacks/depression when they went through menopause. I have read about a sort of residual postpardumm depression that occurs when you stop breastfeeding and YES it is hormone related. I have not gone on any medication for the same reasons as you even though my doctors want to put me on Zoloft.

With my postpardum the panic attacks gradually went away, although I still get them every now and then with outside stressors (financial or family issues, etc). I am fully expecting for them to return when I wean my DD. I personally believe we know our own bodies and I truely believe I can feel when I have a chemical/hormonal imbalance - just not feeling right. There is a great book called Depression Free Naturally that I recommend. It gives dietary suggestions for how to balance your brain chemistry, basically. It really helped me. Reading through this with the help of your doctor should help you navigate this tough time.

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