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Exclusivly BreastPUMPING?

Has anyone ever tried exclusively pumping from the start? This is something I would like to do for personal reasons. I don'twant to breastfeed but i still want my daughter to have breast milk because "breasts are best". I just don't know how common it is. Should I talk to my doctor about it at my next appointment? If anyone has tried it, I'd love any kind of feed back. Thanks!
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I had to pump for 5 weeks until my baby learned how to latch, and have been breastfeeding since (now 3 months).  I can say first-hand it is way more work to pump!  Bottle feeding can take 30 minutes per feeding, then pumping takes 15 plus another 15 for setup and cleaning.  Add changing your baby, playing or rocking them to sleep and that's an hour to an hour and a half that you need to do every 2-3 hours!  That's nearly impossible, even if you have support and help.  

I understand your reasons are personal, but consider meeting a lactation consultant, perhaps you can share your concerns with a professional and get some advice you can use.
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Why don't you want to breastfeed?? Either way though from what I'm learning the bottle nipples are harder than breast nipples which when babies are first born they become over stimulated by the hardness in bottle nipples and don't take to the breast as well if you feed them a bottle at all in the first few days or weeks.. So you basically have to decide bottle or breast from the beginning because they won't take well to breast if you introduce both early on...
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Sometines when u pump only u can loose ur milk supply cuz ur boobs dont know how much ro make for her to eat n u might end up doing formula some women r lucky though i was only able to pump with my first for 3 weeks cuz he didn't want to latch on
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Its just something I'd prefer not to do. I invested in some mam bottles and nipples that are supposed to be the most soft and natural nipples out there. If she takes to them well, id invest in more. I was just wondering if exclusively pumping is worth a shot. Otherwise I'm going straight to formula.
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I heard if I establish a pumping schedule right away that my milk supply would be fine. I'd still pump every few hours.
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It's more than just the milk that makes "breast the best" it's a bond and connection like no other, it's soothing to the baby.
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I can understand that you prefer to pump. Although I had my heart set on nursing, my son was shortly introduced to the bottle after birth due to his blood sugar issues. He didn't want to work at latching, but I still tried and met with a lactation consultant before leaving the hospital. We made it home and I continued to try. Finally, I realized it was more important that he received the milk than it was to frustrate both him and myself. I wanted that bonding experience and I got that a couple of times, and it was very special he nursed first. Personally, with pumping then giving him the bottle is easier. He is not chained to me and I am able to go get my hair done while others are able to feed and bond with him. Now honestly, the hardest part is pumping at night, but that's simply because I am tired. If that's what you have your heart set on then go for it! Don't let anyone make you feel bad for your choices and decisions. Good luck and best wishes!
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I understand the discomfort to want to breastfeed. I did not have the same 'feelings' others have when breastfeeding. It was what my son needed, so I did it. There are many moms with twins who have to pump because breastfeeding does not work and they do just fine. You may have to pump more often then you would breastfeed to keep your milk supply up, you may not. If you are going to pump, make sure to deep freeze whatever isn't being used by your baby. That way you will have extra just in case and so that you can stop pumping before your baby is no longer getting breastmilk. Breastmilk is best for baby so if you are willing to pump, do so. It is definitely better than formula. Keep some formula on hand, just in case your supply isn't enough for baby. Babies can get more out of your breasts than pumps. Also, there are many babies who have to be bottle fed in the beginning and later exclusively breast fed, so don't worry if you later decide you want to breastfeed. My son initially had to have formula and then when we were both able to, he became exclusively breast fed. He would no longer take a bottle until 10 months old after that. Every baby is different. Do what is best for you and baby.
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There are some great blogs I found on pinterest for pumping moms. The key is a schedule and do not deviate from it.

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