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Formula or Breast Milk?

Ive read all the pros and cons of both breast feeding and formula. But i still cant decide between the two. Which would be best for my baby? For me?
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Breastfeeding, no question, google the heath benefits to baby and mom. Formula provides perfectly adequate nutrition but does not have all the immunity benefits of breast milk. Breast feeding also reduces the future risks of some cancers for mom.
But you have to be really committed, the first 4 - 6 weeks are hard work but then after that it gets much easier, find a breastfeeding class in your area so you can prepare as best as you can.
That said formula or breastfeeding the first six weeks of any newborns life is very demanding. Make sure you have support from your family and partner which ever you decide.
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Is there a certain brand of breast pump you would recommend?
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I would choose breastfeeding any day. Much healthier for baby and mom and u lose weight quickly which is a added benefit. U just have to stay patient and commited, its a little challenging the first 1 to 2 weeks but once u got that down, its,a breeze. And I love the bond we share when I breastfeed her, its something only me and her share.

I use medela brand pump, love it. Insurance covers all.
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I would choose breastfeeding any day too, such a great bonding experience and wayyy better for the baby.
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