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Frustrated with husbands support.

Chloe will be 7 months in 10 days and still EBF. She's done great, I LOVE the bond, I've loved my BF'ing experience. I'm hoping to get to a year BF'ing. My husband doesn't say much about it, he definitely would rather me bottle feed I'm sure. Especially when we're out in public, even with a cover in a quiet room, he still feels uncomfortable with it. It's getting SO frustrating. He says he sees it as a private thing and it embarrasses him when I do it in public.. even covered away from people. I'm not going to stop breastfeeding, I've come way too far and am way too proud of how far me and Chloe have made it, plus I just don't want to give her formula..does anyone else's husband do this? I'm getting so annoyed by it. I've worked my a$s off to make this breastfeeding thing work and it's hard, and frustrating that he doesn't get the benefits that I'm giving to our daughter.
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I would be frustrated too. Yeah its kinda a private thing because you don't want to be flashing strangers but your not. He shouldn't be embarrassed because you are feeding your baby and providing the best food possible for her. Admittedly my hubby gets a little uncomfortable when I nurse in public but he is in no way embarrassed by it. My husband has become very pro breastfeeding and is proud of me for making this commitment toour daughter
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i think that's what it is, uncomfortable in public. i feel like he should def. be more proud of me.. he says that he is but his getting "embarrassed" in public annoys me!! when did a completely natural way of feeding a child become something to be embarrassed of?!
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My husband was and is still like that but I believe he got use to it after a year lol. I breastfed my little boy until 20 months and as they get older the less they want it. I would use the ignore button and just keep doing what your doing. I hope he hears someone praise you for it. I think that's what kinda helped my husband come to terms with-it.
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Tell him to think of all the money youre saving. I think its become embarrassing since breasts are so over sexualized. My brothers now ex-girlfriend refused to breastfeed her two children because she thought is was sick to have a baby s*cking on your breast because they were for sex and pleasure. Needless to say we didn't agree on the issue but it goes to show how distorted peoples views can be.
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That's exactly it.. and it's frustrating!! There is nothing sexual about it at all, they weren't put on our bodies for sexual pleasure, they were put there to nourish a baby!
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My husband told me that "breastfeeding is ruining our marriage."  He sees it as a barrier to him spending time with our baby.  I pump 5 days a week while at work and am unwilling to pump any extra over the weekends.  My husband is free to take the baby out (for runs, etc.) in between feedings but that still isn't good enough for him.  It's incredibly sad how unsupportive he is.  Our baby is 9 months and I plan on doing this for a year.  I tell him to bond with our baby by bathing, feeding solids, etc. but again...not good enough.
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That would drive me nuts. I'd be tempted to tell him to grow up. There are many other ways for him to bond other then feeding and if he's unwilling to do them that's on him. He should be happy that you are providing your baby with the best food possible that will increase immunity and IQ. Not to mention saving you a ton of money.
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I agree completely..for us it's just him being embarrassed about me doing it. IMO, my child is more important.. and that's how i'm getting through this year!
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I'm in a similar boat. I'm not giving up and I hope u don't either!!! Keep up the great work ;)
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