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General topic... are you currently BF'ing? How long did you BF for?

Just an interesting and fun post :)

Are you currently breastfeeding? If so, how old is your child(ren)? How long are you planning on BF'ing?

How long did you BF previous children? When and why did you wean?

I have a daughter who is still breastfed and she is 16 months old! Besides breastmilk being the healthiest choice,  I just LOVE the bonding and cuddling! I am not too sure how long we are going to breastfeed... but I do know that when we stop, I am going to miss it!!! I am going to wait until she weans herself... or I will possibly start weaning her slowly over a couple of months after she turns two. Just a personal choice... but who knows, we may go longer.

Before 12 months, she would nurse morning, afternoon, and night and any time in between. She would still get regular solid food through out the day. I never used jarred food, she started to feed her self finger foods at 7 months. After 12 months, she would still nurse the same, but minus afternoon here and there if I can make it home to her. Now, it's mainly morning and night since I work full time now. When she can't nurse, she is given organic milk.

Can't wait to hear from the rest of you :)
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I'm still BF, and Braeden is a little over 8 months now. I'm planning on BF AT LEAST until he's a year old, but I don't have a specific cutoff date. I'd like to let him self wean if possible.  He's eating solid foods now (both baby food and finger foods) about 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and nurses morning, evening, and night (we co-sleep most of the time so she nurses a few times a night), and then gets bottles of BF (about 12-15 oz) during the day while I'm at work.  I'm really not looking forward to weaning because I really love BF :-)  I won't miss pumping though!
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I am currently BF #4 and he is almost 7 months old. I will do baby led weaning with him and let him decide when to stop no matter waht age, to an extent I guess. I am thinking till age 3 maybe is when he will stop but I will go longer if he wants.

1st I BF till 8 months then the dr said I had to stop becasue of a MC and then I got pg again. BAD!!! I wish I never listened to the dr and kept BF!

2nd till two weeks after age 2 and she stopped on her own just like that and before that would not even drink 2 oz a day from a cup! I tandem BF her and her sister

3rd I stopped her well she stopped when I gave birth to my 4th, she was 17 months and I think I was too stressed becasue the baby did nto make it. SHe was premature. She did nurse off and on for a month later but then just quit all together.

Now like I said am on to my 4th BF baby and I love it!!! I love the bond and that they grow so well from mommy! There is nothing in this world to describ BF your little one:)
All my ids have seen me nurse as my nieces and nephews and I hope I plant the goodness of it in their minds! My girls already know they will nurse. Their step mom did not and she never lost her weight and her babies cry alot and my girls said that my little one is so much happier and cuddles more:) THey see a difference and they also say that my little one is chunkier. My first one remembers me BF all his siblings:) It is just so much better for baby!

I have a frined that says it is gross and she owuld not, she had a baby 2 months after me and her milk was still there after 3 months. Her littel one would reach for it and got quiet when he was close to her breasts! It should of told her body something:( Poor baby! I feel so sorry for him cuz he clearly knows what he was supposed to do!
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I'm currently breastfeeding, but my daughter is only 4 months old. I love the bond I get with her and to be able to cuddle close with her and see her pretty smiles while she nurses. My goal is a year to start, and then we will make new goals once we get to that point. She currently nurses to sleep, when she's upset or of course when she's hungry. I know I'll definitely miss holding her so close and having all the goofy moments we have with her now (breastfed babies are so funny to watch) and try not to think that she will eventually have to wean.
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I'm currently breastfeeding as well and my son is 2 1/2 months old. It's great and I was pumping and giving him bottles at first so I could have some independence and get out once in a while but when I skip a feeding...I pay for it. I get engorged and I don't like it. So I don't do it as often anymore.
Clysta...you are so right about the goofy moments. Sometimes Brady will stop and look at me with a huge smile on his face. It's so funny and cute.
Not sure how long I will nurse him for. At first I said 6 months but I think I will go longer than that if he wants. I have a year off for Mat leave so I would probably try to wean before that or just do morning and night feeds if I can. I have just taken it as we go along!
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currently breastfeeding exclusively, but since my DD is all of 4 days old, not much else to add at this point :)
i am planning min of 6 months, but will let her wean herself.
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I love those moments Heather!!! Kylie will nurse and then look up and me and give me this huge smile and snuggle a little closer and go back to nursing. I think the funniest one was about a week ago though. DH was watching me feed her and we were talking and she looked up at him and started to smile and laugh at him. Problem is I had just let-down and milk was spraying all over her face and bib and she's just smiling away at her daddy, while covered in milk. He thought it was the funnest thing he'd ever seen.
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I had to exclusively pump for my first, who was born 4 weeks early and had a weak s.uck and poor coordination. I worked with a wonderful LC for 2 months before resigning myself to pumping. Her issues severely affected bottle feeding as well until after 4 months.  I went back to work at 4 months. I pumped for 6 1/2 months, until I was both back at work and going to grad school. I had another 2 months frozen I was able to give her.

My second started out nursing great, but problems soon emerged. She was unable to latch unless in the football hold, and since she was gaining rapidly, that became very difficult after a few weeks. I suspect the problem was due to her mild tongue-tie, but I'll never know for sure. Anyways, this made nursing challenging at home, and nearly impossible when out. Then bigger problems emerged. She had severe reflux and colic. The extreme back arching and thrashing made it impossible to keep her latched. The screaming was terrible, and she would thrash and rip at the nipple. Bottle feeding became very challenging with her as well. When I finally gave up nursing and resorted to pumping, the *only* way she could eat when not in the colicky period was swaddled tightly, upright, in a swing. Not conducive to nursing. During her lengthy colicky periods (up to 7 hours a day), nursing was not an option. I pumped for over 8 months with her, and had a lot frozen again. Her colic faded by 4 months, but it was too late to go back to the breast. Plus, her reflux remained out of control until after 8 months, at which point meds adjustments after consulting a gastro helped manage it a little.

With both I tried desperately to have success, and spent a LOT of money out of pocket on a fabulous, supportive and knowledgeable lactation consultant. Even when my second did nurse, all of the problems made it stressful and not the magical bonding experience others describe. Still, I KNEW that breastmilk was the best, so I dutifully hooked myself up to the torture device I call a pump, and spent 3 hours a day total pumping (plus all the time to feed, wash parts, etc...). I really hope that if we have another, I will have more luck nursing. If not, I know that there are other ways to get the baby the best nutrition.
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I was wondering why some stay at home moms say 6 months to a year for nursing?? Have you been told that is when to wean by dr's? Just wondering

I know the US says good for the first 6 months to a year but in most countries it is way longer and the WHO says 2 or beyond. THe average age to stop nursing is atually 4-5 form what I have been told by international LC and studies, but I hear so much from US dr's way less thenn that and it seems that even though they say it is best are discouraging it to put a limit o it or an age to stop at all. I feel that dr's should never say a year or age to anyone and should just say "nurse" and if a mother asks then they say there is no age and let baby decide.

Anyone else feel like US dr's say this or is it just in the OH, IN, KY, TN, GA area?
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I love in Ohio and my doctors encourage baby lead weaning. The hospital/clinic I go to is very much pro-breastfeeding and discourages formula and bottle-feeding if the mother can do it. I personally am just making small goals and will continue from there. As of now I only want to go to 2 years max just for personal preference. I'm just taking it as it comes for now.
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My daughter is 23 1/2 months.  She is my only child so far.  I am trying for a second now.
I wanted to make it to 2 years, and have almost done so.  I work full time and I pumped for feeds when I was at work until she was 15 months old.  Since then we feed on demand when I am with her.  

She mostly h as a drink or two early morning before we get up.  Lunchtime if I'm lucky enough to get home for lunch, then 1 or 2 in the evening and  1 or 2 overnight.

I plan to let her wean when she's ready.... but probably 3 or so.... depending when the new baby comes and how that all goes.

I was very determined to breastfeed as because of family medical historty I decided not to vaccinate, and in it's place (to protect my daughter) I wanted to be sure to give her the immune benefits of breastmilk.

I have had repeated medical advice to stop BF (for my sake, not my daughter's) and all these doctors' concerns came to nothing (were only fears and hypothesised possible problems, not realities), and I am so glad I decided not to listen and to continue.

Aside from croup, and a few mild colds and roseola she's never been sick.  She does seem to have a very sensitive tummy though, and gets diarrhoea easily.  So again BF is such a blessing.
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I am still breastfeeding my son, who is almost 14 months old. I planned on weaning around 12 months, but he has other ideas, so we continue. I do not mind one bit. We are nursing anywhere from minimum twice a day, to maximum five times per day. It's kind of on demand, whenever he asks for it! We are going to Hawaii in February so I think it will be less traumatic for him if I wean him by then, but it's only 7 weeks away and I don't want to force him to do something he's not ready to do. Right now we are transitioning him to his crib so once he masters that, we will start trying to wean. I'm still pumping once at work because I work full time, but I want to stop doing that hopefully next week. My ideal goal would be to only nurse once in the morning and once at bedtime for the next 3-4 weeks, and then only once a day for a week or two, and then done by the time our Hawaii trip comes. We will see if he protests that. Honestly, if it weren't for the trip, I wouldn't wean until he did it on his own.

My last son, who is 3 1/2 now, I nursed for 11 months and was very sad when I weaned him, but my milk was drying up. My cycles returned at 9 months with him and I think this really affected my milk supply. However, this time they did not return until 12 months. Something weird this time too, I only nurse from one side for the last 2 months because he started refusing the right side. It's weird and I do get lopsided, but it still works this way!

I have four older daughters who I regrettedly did not nurse. I was younger and did not have a support system. My Mom thinks it's "gross" and so did my ex husband. My current husband thinks it's beautiful and is very supportive, so that has been a tremendous help! My mother who thinks it's "gross" has been told to keep her opinions to herself (: My daughters see the beauty of it as well, and have all said that they will nurse their babies when they have them! Yay!!

Oh, and my boys really did not get sick at all the whole first year of their life and still don't get sick that often. I attribute that to nursing!
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I decided not to vaccinate as well and he has by far been my healthiest child! My last one the dr's said not to give her lots of the shots as well being she was only born at 30 weeks and she was healthier then the first two. My child that has had the most health issues was my one who got all of his shots right on time. THe dr's said this was becasue of that and we did things different after that!

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