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My daughter is 2 1/2 months old and I have been having a hard time with my milk supply i have tried everything..I feed her whenever she gets a  little fussy so sometimes its every hour..then I tried mother's milk tea and I can't handle the taste of it..I don't know what to do and I feel bad giving her formula..For example she will feed on each side for 15 minutes and still she cries like she is starving and my nipple hurt so bad from her sucking and nothing coming out..So then I have to give her a bottle to fill her up :( I need help asap..I talked to a breast feeding consultant and she just said to feed her more often but I have tried it for days and it didnt work! HELP!!
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Also I know for a fact she isnt getting enough because she only poops maybe once or twice a day somedays not at all.
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Does she have plenty wet diapers. My 2 month old breastfeed infant only poops every other day but she has 5 or 6 wet diapers a day and is gaining weight well. She was 8 13 at birth and is now 12 pounds.
To increase supply you need to increase the amount your breasts and nipples are stimulated. Several ways to do this;
Nurse baby more, let baby use you as a pacifier as often as possible with skin to skin contact. (tip; strip from the waist up and strip baby to a diaper) snuggle imbed together for several hours letting baby suckle as much as possible.)
You can pump and hand express. Even if you get no milk you are signalling you need more. This is especially important if you are supplementing. If you give her a bottle make sure you then pump for 10 minutes.
Eat well balanced meals. Include lots of protien and liquids in your diet.
You can try taking fenugreek capsules. 3 capsules three times a day. Fennel tea can help too if you don't mind the taste (aniseed taste).

Sorry got to go, baby crying. Will try to post more later!
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Not all breastfed babies poop 4 or 5 times a day.  When they get around 3 months or so it actually slows down to once a day sometimes every other day.  As long as the baby has plenty of wet diapers and is gaining weight the baby is getting enough.  By feeding the formula, you are actually making your baby feel more full meaning the baby wont nurse as much making your supply go lower. As far as your nipple soreness that may be from a couple of things.  Improper latch, which again can lower your supply.  Also the soreness may be from thrush.  Check your nipples for any white spots or redness.  Also check the babys mouth for white spots.  If that is the case that may explain why she cries after feeding and the thrush may effect her latch too. Also, what what you are eating, there may be some foods that arent agreeing with her. I agree with the above poster as well and also add oatmeal to your diet and drink water water water. Also when you say the baby is feeding 15 minutes on each side is that because you are limiting how long the baby nurses on each side or does the baby pull off one side after 15 minutes and then you put her on the other? I hope this helps.  If you have any more specific questions I will be glad to answer so feel free to inbox me.  Good luck.
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She has plenty of wet diapers..and she weighed 7lbs 2oz when she was born and on June 4th at her doctors appointment she weighed 10lbs 13oz and that was her 2month checkup..so she is gaining weight but I think that is only because I am giving her formula also.. I am going to try the fenugreek capsules to see if it will help. I can't drink the tea because of the taste lol
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Yes she usually eats for 15 on each side herself she pulls off so I burp her then if she is still hungry I feed her on the other side...I know its not thrush because I done have any redness or white spots and neither does she...I will also try the oatmeal
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You can also drink iced tea.  The caffine in it will temporarily up your supply.  But I would only drink it in the am.  Some people it doesn't affect their babies as far as sleep etc but 2 of mine I noticed if I drank tea late in the day it would keep them awake.  The oatmeal works!  Get the real oatmeal not the instant stuff. How much formula are you giving? Also formula is constipating to a baby.  That explains the slow down in bowel movements.  And as i said at around 2-3 months you may notice a change in bowel movements as the babys digestive system matures also causing a slow down in bowel movements. I would ditch the formula and nurse as often as she likes to get your supply back up.  And pump on between feedings to help stimulate supply.(it helps but again not as effective as baby nursing, when my supply dropped I basically let my baby nurse anytime she wanted, did the iced tea and by that I mean Lipton iced tea not that other stuff lol, and ate oatmeal cookies i made I hate plain oatmeal and in 2 to 3 days my supply went back up, actually the next day I noticed it was going up)  While you are doing that monitor the wet and dirty diapers so you will know if she's getting enough.  Also remember breastmilk digests way faster than formula so she will be hungry sooner than with formula, its not that she didn't get enough, it just digested faster.  It will be rough for a few days until your  body realizes how much milk it needs to make but if you can power through, it will be worth it.  Also,  how is your calorie intake.  I know we tend to want to hurry up and lose the baby weight but if you restrict ur calories too much that will also drop ur supply.  Hope this helps.  Good luck.
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Ok there is a none alcoholic beer type thing cant remember the name but the hops in it help to produce breasted milk.
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