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Hard Lump


I’ve been bf for a year and yesterday morning I woke up with a big lump in my right breast.
My daughter has been bf last night and I pumped this morning some milk came out but this hard lump will not go away.
It’s hurting me and makes me worried.
Please help what should I do and if this is normal.
This is the first time happened to me.

Thank you
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It sounds like a clogged duct. Massage it while pumping and breastfeeding. I get them from time to time and they go away. Heat helps also. They are painful and if it doesn't go away can develop into mastitis.
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Thank you so much! I will do what you sugessted.
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Good luck, and GREAT JOB Mama, for breastfeeding for a year!! Kellymom . com (take out the spaces) is a great resource for breastfeeding also.

I have gotten clogged ducts from time to time and massaging while pumping/nursing and a hot bath or hot wash cloth has always helped within a day. Please do look for signs of mastitis though, if this doesn't get better. That can be very serious.
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omg i had mastitis squeeze it make sure to get all the fluid out and check all of you milk ducts every time you express to feel that they have emptied find out if your mother or grandmothers were mastitis prone mine were and it was almost unavoidable for me after going to bad dr who told me to put cabbage on it i was in excruciating pain i am still fighting lactation and haven't breastfed for over a year heat packs help expression get the really warm then try to express the fluid if you don't get rid of the mastitis expect a week long stay in the hospital and a 6 foot piece of gauze in your breast because that's exactly what happened to me
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