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Has my body given up???

My son will be 3 months old this Saturday.  I've had some problems here and there but always found a solution that worked for me.  Today, I noticed that my breasts are very engorged even after breastfeeding.  I also noticed that my son was fussy while nursing like he wasn't getting enough milk- he would swallow here and there but not as often as before.  I decided to pump just to see if I can get release from that and the most I got was just a little over 1 oz. when I can usually get 7-8 oz.  Why is this happening?  I thought I was pumping and feeding often enough.  I know that the more you pump/feed the more you will produce, I've been doing that.  Is it possible that your body can just give up breastfeeding no matter what you do?  Luckily, I have plenty of milk stored in the freezer.  I'm just so upset that even after all that work, it's come to this...

It looks like I'm done breastfeeding.  I'm really going to miss nursing him, this is really upsetting to me...
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Don't give up on it if you're not ready to stop.
I personally don't think your body would just stop unless something significantly different has happened like reducing nursing times etc.
You can breastfeed so long as you keep up the demand. Maybe what you expressed is  not an indication of your production levels anyway.
Hang in there and keep feeding her/ expressing, and your body will not give up at all.
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if you're engorged but not getting much, you may have a clogged duct. After pumping, did you feel empty?
Can you normally feel when you let-down? If so, did you feel one when he was nursing?
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I am trying.  I just took a hot shower and tried really massaging my breast with no relief.  Tiredbuthappy, I think you're right, it may be a clogged duct but I don't know how to get it unclogged.  I didn't feel empty at all after I pumped.  I've tried to pump 3-4 times but it hasn't helped.  I've tried nursing but my nipple is so sore now from my baby pulling and tugging on it all day.  I've noticed that I'm having a problem on my right breast only- it's really engorged!!!  and it hurts!!!  I'm thinking of making an appointment with my LC tomorrow.  I don't know what else to do...

Thanks for your response.
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really sounds like a clogged duct. ouch!

trying nursing a different position. sometimes that helps. I found that using a manual pump removed clogs pretty well. it was the hand-held that came with my pump in style 3 years ago that looks like a bike pump. i also got one in the hospital with my first, but this time around they gave out better pumps so i don't know if they still give them out. if you have it, it's rough on the nipples and i'd never use it regularly, but it worked well the 5 or 6 times i noticed a clog. i think it's because you can make it do long, hard s.ucks

good idea calling the LC. i am curious to know what clog remedies she can suggest, so be sure to update. in the mean time, keep working at it so it doesn't turn into mastitis. in addition to shower and massage, you can try a warm compress. and of course, lots of pumping and nursing. i hope you get relief soon.
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I talked to an LC and this is what she suggested--

If I were to keep trying (I chose this option):

1) Take Ibuprofen q 6hrs
2) Do a warm compress
3) Massage your breast using your index, middle, and ring finger.  Start from outside in.  You don't need to put a lot of pressure ( sort of like your giving yourself a breast exam).
4) Pump for 8-10 min using Stimulation Phase only.
5) Do a cold compress

I have an appointment with her this afternoon and she wanted me to try this method at least 2x before I see her.  I've done it once and I was able to get 3oz out from my right breast.  She is going to have me use a hospital pump to see if that would help too.

If I decide to stop ubruptly (she didn't recommend this because I will be in pain for 7-10 days):

1) Take Ibuprofen q 6 hrs
2) Pump 4-5 times to begin with, then, slowly reduce.  Only pump enough to get some relief.
3) Massage breast regularly to keep the milk moving ( if the milk sits in one area too long, you can get infection/Mastitis).

I will keep you posted...
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So I just got back from the LC and I am unclogged!!!  Yahoo!!!

We started by weighing my baby first then I nursed him for as long as I can take it (my nipples are still tender from yesterday).  I had to try different positions until it seemed like he was getting milk, he was fussy at first because he couldn't get anything out.  After he finished, we weighed him again and he was 3 oz heavier.  She then had me use their pump until it seemed like I was pretty empty and I got 5 oz more!  I got a total of 8 oz from one breast alone!  I find that amazing- who knew my breast can hold that much milk LOL!  What a relief!!!

I have to say, I'm glad I didn't give up.  Thanks Kate for telling me not to give up (my husband was telling me the same thing but it's not the same coming from someone who doesn't know what it's like).  
Tiredbuthappy, you're a breastfeeding/breastpumping genious.  I didn't really think it would get clogged as long as I was nursing.  But after you said that you had clogs before it made me wonder if that was the problem.  You just pointed me in the right direction and I was able to solve the problem with the help of an LC.

BTW, I found that Percocet helped with the pain.  I had some left over from my
C-Section.  I took one last night and I was able to sleep better.  I wouldn't recommend it if you're with the baby by yourself though, it could make you drowsy.  Ibuprofen works as well, I took this to help with the initial pain of BF.
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