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Heating previously frozen milk

I freeze breastmilk for future use. I was reading when you defrost the bags, you can defrost in the fridge overnight or run it under warm tap water. Now if I defrost on the fridge, can I still warm it up with boiled water? When I heat up milk that has been in the fridge, (not previously frozen) I usually boil water in a pot then take it off the stove and let the container sit in it until warm. Can I heat defrosted milk the same way? Thanks! I couldn't find any info in my breastpump manual.
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yup. as long as you use it up within 24 hours of it defrosting.

a little hint that helped me a lot: i froze 6-8 oz bags thinking dd would take that much when i needed frozen, but she never did. it actually takes milk a very long time to defrost in the fridge, and i didn't want to defrost it all quickly in warm water and lose the extra ounces. a great way to defrost milk in the fridge quickly without warming it is to put it into a container of tap water in the fridge. because the tap water is cold, it doesn't actually warm milk- it just defrosts it really quickly- within an hour or two. i then gently squished the bag to mix the layers, and poured out and warmed what i needed, saving the rest in the fridge for the next freeze.
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fyi... when warming breast milk do not use overly hot water as they say this will kill off  all t he benefits of the milk ( the antibodies) warm it with warm  water but not boiling. I defrost mine in running warm water if I use the whole bay or defrost ini the fridge. They also say freeze only 2oz at at time they will defrost faster and waste less! but only t hing more bags, and they are expensive..lol I hope all this helps =) Good luck
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i agree- i only warmed milk with warm/hot tap water
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Thanks, I will just use the tap water. Thanks for clearing up all my confusion!
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