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Help! Feels like I've no milk

I gave birth yesterday, December 28,/2016, and due to cough and colds, I wasn't allowed to breast milk my son. The doctor said, we will have to feed the baby with formula milk til I get well. Today, I tried to breastfeed my baby but it feels like I don't have milk and when I tried to press my boob, there was no milk and I am panicking. Is there anything that I can do to increase or produce breast milk? Please help!
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They actually encourage breastfeeding more while sick. I don't understand why you weren't allowed.
I produced more milk when I would eat well balanced meals.
I don't understand too as I would love to breastfeed my child.
My sister wouldn't produce as much milk as I did,so she decided to also and its okay. Theres nothing wrong
She decided to breastfeed and formula. Idk if she was able to continue breastfeeding also but If you cant continue don't stress too much on it. At least you tried and theres alot of people who don't even think about trying at all. Just try to eat healthy meals. and maybe Try oatmeal?
I took parenting and child development classes ; we learned that massaging your breast before feeding can help release milk and can also increase the milk production.
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Eat Oatmeal! That was like my oy way in producing milk with my daughter
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Pumping helps too :)
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Also you don't usually actually produce milk the first day or so. I'm surprised they didn't provide you with a pump in the hospital or tell you to pump if they didn't want your baby to nurse... seems strange
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Thank you ladies for the response. I will try to eat oatmeal and have balance diet as well. I really hope it'll work..

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