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Help!!! Mastitis for the third time in 2 months!!!

First: Mastitis is AWFUL!!! Holy cripes, it kicks your a$$. And by kicks your a$$ I mean I feel like I have the worst flu ever, everything hurts, have the worst headache and fatigue, fever, and a huge and angry boob to boot! Plus nausea and near vomiting -- that's also fun.

But the reason why I'm writing this is not just to vent. For those of you who have had this, shouldn't I be feeling better after nearly 48 hrs on antibiotics? My fever is gone (or at least low-grade -- might be coming back tonight, have to check) but otherwise I don't feel all that much better. I've had this three times and been on antibiotics twice now (second time I healed it holistically but my symptoms were too severe this time and I was suffering).

When should I consider going back to the doctor?

I'm thinking part of the problem is my babe has finally started to sleep longer stretches the last few weeks and I am going 6-7 hrs without nursing. Do I disrupt our routine and do away with all of our hard work to get me that sleep? The reason why I am getting this is that I am soo rundown, she was such a poor sleeper, and I started to experience extreme insomnia on top of the frequent wakings. I assume it will only be harder on her when I stop night feeds again when I'm better. Ugh.

Fyi, I've tried lecithin, vit c, hot and cold compresses, cabbage leaves, massage, raw garlic, ginger infusions, probiotics....At this point I'm afraid I am seriously considering weaning, which I don't want to do (also babe won't take a bottle so will be difficult) but I can't continue to spend my mat leave unwell!!!
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There is no rule book that says a mother has to be miserable if alternatives are available. Wean your baby. You have done your best, and that is all anyone can expect. So now concentrate on making yourself well. Get a regular good night's sleep. Let someone else take over the night time feeding - with a bottle. Not only will you be happier, so will your baby. She will have a healthy, lively mother who smiles and laughs a lot.  
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Thanks allmymarbles for the comment. I do agree with you -- the only problem is that I really do enjoy breastfeeding minus this infection nonsense. I breastfed my first daughter for 16 months and never had this problem, although I was younger and didn't have the same complications etc I have had this time around. I'm thinking I will partially wean her so I can still give her antibodies, etc. That part is very important to me.
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It usually takes 3 to 5 days for antibiotics to kick in.  As painful as it may be let baby nurse on that side and pump that side.  Hot compresses, hot showers and while u do any of those thing massage. Drink lots of water too.  I've had mastitis many times (3 kids) so I know how you feel.  Good luck.
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Also forgot to add make sure you baby is latching on correctly every time, if not baby isn't draining the breast effectively and since baby is going longer periods of time for sleep, that combo may set you up for mastitis.  
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Be on the alert for thrush. Antibiotics favor the proliferation of Candida albicans, the yeast/fungus that causes it.
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Right there with you sister. Got a 102 fever this morning after baby finally sleep for 6 hours last night for the first time. Great timing right. I even got up to pump but still got hit. Whole body is in pain, can barly carry my DD. This is my third time too. Trying to fight it with pain killer and lot of nursing. Just finish my treatment with antibiotic last week. Really need a break form all these pain. If i get one more case of mastitis then I'm going to throw in the towel. Maybe... We will see.
Hang in there sister :)
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thanks everyone. i am just trying to rest as much as possible, which is hard with a babe that often refuses to nap, lol.
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thanks for the support and commiseration, Helen! although i do wish you weren't suffering as well.

be careful with such a high fever. my fever had been almost 103 during the night at one point after which my doctor told me i probably should have headed to the hospital. if my fever went above 101 or if it didn't resolve within a day i was to get prompt medical attention. also, having such a high fever during the daytime is not a good sign -- usually our temp is highest during the night. i really hope you feel better soon.
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I had mastitis a few weeks ago, when I finally decided to go to Dr they told me I would feel better 48hrs after starting antibiotics.
I was so miserable too! It's Def not fun having. I hope you start feeling better soon.
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Thanks kimmery. I will keep an eye on the fever. It broke this morning and I'm feeling much better. Been nursing non stop and drinking lot of water.
Hope you feel better soon too.
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Mastitis is horrid!  Try to rest as muhc as you can.  My midwife said that the mastitis is much more likely if Mum isn't sleeping as much as she needs.  I know easy to say and hard to do.

If you have an electric pump you can try this to help empty the breast (but only do this if you are accustomed to pumping).  Else just encourage baby to drink as much as possible.

Drink plenty of fluids.  

I also found that I get sore breasts if anything in the schedule changes.  So far have avoided avert mastitis.  BUt have had quit a few hard painful lumps that I had to pump and bf to get out.   Lucky for me I also have a 3 1/2 yo who is more than willing to have a drink if I need them to be emptied more efficinetly than my 5 mo can.

Don't wean if you don't want to.  Sounds like you really enjoy breastfeeding, and this infection will recover.
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Hey Kim,
I'm sorry you are going through this, I've had mastitis a few times and it's the most miserable I've ever felt.

The only thing I have to add, is that in a woman who frequently has mastitis, the baby is a carrier of the bacteria.  If the baby is treated then the mother stops getting sick.  I don't like antibiotics for an infant unless strictly indicated, and I'm not sure what a homeopathic Dr. could offer for her, but if you know one you may want to talk to them.  I hope you feel better soon for the girls!
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thanks everyone! i am starting to feel much better, just very fatigued still and my breast is still sore from time to time. i am doing all you suggest, however the sleep situation just never seems to really even out. if only she would take a bottle, so i could get some consistent sleep!!! but she refuses. i am trusting it will resolve soon though. hoping!!!
@mikaleen: where did you hear the baby is a carrier of the bacteria? i had read something similar and am actually asking her doctor to do a culture of her nose and throat today to see if that is our issue!

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