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Help! Solids/nursing

Omg! I am so stupid, what to expect the 1st yr says that when feeding baby solids to feed tham until they are full...didnt say anything about giving them milk with their meals...maybe Im just that stupid though. So shes 7mnths and let me just say that she has 6/7 wet diapers a day and they are always CLEAR!! Her schedule goes like this (she picked the times that she eat and hasnt really varied) 6/7am 1 bottle of formula 6oz, 8am 1 jar of gerber 2nd food fruit, 10am nurses both breast about 10 min per side, 11:30 snack of gerber puffs, 12:30am rice cereal mixed with formula and 6oz juice (2oz of juice mixed w/ 4oz water), 3pm nurses, 5pm we attempt to nurse but she refueses (for the past week) so I recently started givin her a snack and finally supper at 7pm 1jar gerber 1st  meats, 1 jar of gerber 2nd veggies and sometimes a dessert of puffs. We just introduced her to the puffs. she goes to bed at 8 and it strts all over. Is this enough for a 7 mnth old? Do I need 2 start giving her milk with her meals too? Help! Thanks in advance.

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Have you introduced a sippy cup to her yet?

Meal time is a great time to do this. I always give my daughter a sippy with water in it at meal time.

My daughters schedule is a little like this varies by about a half hour or so

7:30 nurses
some times she will go back to sleep till 8:30 but most the time she is up at 7:30
8:30-9 oatmeal mixed with a fruit puree and breast milk, half a piece of toast and yogurt2

11-11:30 nurses again takes nap
12:30-1 eats lunch whatever I'm having usually some type of chicken and veggie
2-2:30 nurses
5:5:30 dinner whatever I make for dinner
7-7:30 nurses
8:30 nurses for bed time

The times do very some days. I don't really have her on any set schedule.

She also gets puffs as a snack through out the day a few times.

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My daughter is just now 6months old..

She nurses between 2-4a
wakes up to nurse again 7:30-8:30a
somethimes eats 1/2 jar of fruit or veggie & nurses around 12-1p
*nap time*
Hubby is home with her 1p-12midnight she usually have 3-4 bottles of breast milk
Sleep around 9:30p

Am I under feeding her solids?
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lol.... I think we as moms are putting too much pressure on ourselves to do "the right thing". Every baby learns to eat solids at their own rate. Some are ready before others and eat with gusto, others take their sweet time and seem to take days to finish a jar of food. The thing we need to remember is that our little ones will tell us what they need. If they are content, peeing and pooing well and growing we have nothing to worry about. I've had 4 babies and each one of them took to solids differently but all ended up healthy and happy. I think you all are doing exactly what your little ones need and should take pride and comfort in the fact that your babies are doing so well.
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Thanks, but I'm more worried she's not getting enough milk. She does great with solids    Brittny27 - I give her a sippy cup of 2oz juice mixed with 4oz water per day.
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Talked 2 the pedi!! She said thats enough wet diapers but to just offer 2oz of fluids with meals! So i think I'll just break the juice up into three 2oz cups for breakfast, lunch and snack and then a 2oz bottle at supper! She also get 3 oz of formula in her cereal, does that count as liquids? If so then she gets 15oz in formula and juice (plus another 2oz now with supper is 17oz) and she nurses 2xs a day so I think thats enough! Thanks yall! P.S. the pedi saidnow that as she gets closer to the yr mark she may start weaning some meals.
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It sounds like you are doing OK with solids, and between the 15 oz formula and let's guess at least 10 oz breast milk daily, there's enough fluids and nutrients. Some babies want more solids earlier, others want less for longer. Under the age of 1, either is OK as long as the baby gets enough formula or breastmilk. However, my ped said no juice that early, and water is unnecessary. I would not offer juice at all. Offer a few ounces of water in a sippy cup if you want her to practice that, or offer a little formula or water in a bottle. Juice offers no nutritional value, only sugar, and will get her used to drinking sweetened beverages over water.
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tiredbuthappy- I tried water and the pedi yelled at me! Well, not yelled byt scolded me and said that water had no nutritional value and was just empty calories whereas juice at least offered some vitamins! Don't know what's what anymore but I'm just going to follow there advice for now... :(
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I know... everyone gives different advice and it's very confusing for a parent. In these instances, I often go straight to the aap and read up on their guidelines. Usually, my ped follows the aap guidelines pretty strictly, so I assumed that's where he stood on this as well. I just did a quick search and it seems like what you are doing is fine according to the AAP. Just make sure it's pure juice and not a juice "drink" and that it is not replacing a meal. They also recommend that it be offered at the table along with a meal or snack and not in a sippy cup so the child doesn't get used to drinking it on the go all day. I am guilty of this, and am working towards cutting back on it significantly. Allowing my kids to have access to juice cups all day is essentially allowing them to coat their teeth in sugars (even if natural) all day.

Of course, the aap's stance is forever changing on many issues, but since they often base their position statements on the most recent research, I do look to them for guidance. And with the introduction of the internet, archived position statements can be accessed, you may even find different publications from them that contradict each other.

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we just started offering pieces of what we are eating (avoiding sugar and any salt)
lillian feeds herself fruits, veggies, meats, etc (no spoon feeding)
some days she eats more than others (and somedays wears way more than she actually eats) but since her nutrition still comes from breast milk it's fine.  the first year, solids are about play and experimentation, not a substitution for milk.  and anyone who says water is not a good thing is crazy.  water is not empty calories...it's no calories, it's hydration.  only a problem if you have a baby who drinks water instead of milk....
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