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Hey Ladies!!! ANYONE can help me with inverted nipple?

After I breastfed baby#2 one of my nipples inverted and since my husband didn't mind, I never thought to get it corrected...but now I'm pregnant with baby #3 and my doctor said there is a nipple shield with a pump what I can use to draw my nipple out but I cant use it until month 8 or so. Anyone else ever had this problem? What worked for you? And were you able to breastfeed just as well? Thanks!!!
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From about the 34th week of pregnancy do the following exercise 5 times on each side, once a day (in bath perhaps), and you should see a marked improvement in inverted or flat nipples by the time baby is born.
With your thumb and forefinger stretch gently,dragging outwards from the nipple. Do this 5 times working your way around the nipple and away from the areola. This exercise has the effect of loosening the corrective tissue that holds the nipples in.
Also try wearing breast shields for a few hrs every day is also effective in drawing out nipples during pregnancy. The shield is worn inside the bra, the shield exerts pressure on the areola and the nipple is drawn towards the hole making the nipple protrude. A newer device works as a suction pump action to draw the nipple out.
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Thank you so much!!! I will give the manual stuff a try!!!
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Both of my nipples are inverted.  I was able to breastfeed and pump without issue.  I also used nipple shields to help my daughter latch.  I have never tried the method mentioned above but I think I will!
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Oh really? Good to know thank you!!!
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My pleasure. Good luck and hope all goes well with your pregnancy*
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I have to use a nipple shield bc my nipples are almost flat. It worked for a couple days but baby isn't having it anymore. I'm having to pump and bottle feed him.
Good luck, hope everything works out for you and baby!!
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Thank you all so very much and congrats on your precious angels!!!
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