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How can I increase breastmilk

Hi everyone, I've 10 weeks old baby & I'm breastfeeding her. So for last few days I'm running out of breast milk at evening time. I eat oatmeal twice a day Bcoz I heard it increases milk supply. I drink plenty of fluids water, apple juice. My daughter gets very fussy like that. I also bought similac advance but she doesn't drink it. Out of whole container she probably had 8 oz they rest was wasted. Bcoz I can only have it for 1 hour & she doesn't drink more than a few drops. What should I do? Plz help. I also got bumblebee pink salmon which I never tried b4. How do I eat that? It is cooked or do I need to do something with it. I got it from WIC to increase milk supply.
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Whatever fluids you are drinking increase it. Get some milk supplements to take, they sell them at most stores and let me know if you need the names of some. Make sure you are not stressed when you go to nurse it will cause problems with milk let down. Try to get baby to latch more often it may at first make milk run out faster but breast milk is a supply for demand. The more baby demands the more you supply. Good luck.
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Thank U I really appreciate Ur advice. If U can plz give me some names of pills. Also how do I eat bumblebee salmon? Do I just eat it out of can or cook it?
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I think the salmon is already cooked normally can fish is precooked.
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Feeding her more often should help drive up your supply (or you can try pumping after each feeding...I wouldn't try an extra pumping between feedings since at just 10 days, I'd bet you don't really have a set schedule!).

I'll second the advice on increasing fluids...even if you think you are getting enough already, more! a trick I'd been told was to drink a full glass at each feeding.

Definitely agree with the relaxing too...it can make a huge difference. Adjusting to a new addition to your family is stressful, but trust your instincts and things will start to get easier. Ask for help too, so you aren't trying to do it all on your own...or let the dumb stuff slide...no one is going to care (especially your beautiful little girl) if you haven't been your usual, on top of it self...a new baby let's you 'get away with' a lot...take advantage of it while you can!

Fenugreek is supposed to be a good supplement to try, but I don't think it helped me much. This time around, I'm going to try making nursing cookies (Google them for a recipe)...a friend of mine had good luck with them.

Last bit of advice is to check out your local bf resources like lactation nurses, LLL or bf groups. I met with a lactation nurse after my first and she was a great help...gave me some ideas and reassurance when I really needed it!

You're doing good...keep it up, mama!
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Supplements made for nursing mother's.

My Brest friend fenugreek capsules

Mothers milk

Both Wal-Mart

Motherlove more milk plus

At Walgreens

Fairhaven health makes one called nursing blend

Look on line there is one called milky

The herbs or products that help are
Blessed thistle
Brewers yeast

You can also take fish oil with or instead of canned fish. It is very good for breast milk and increases dha like a Dha supplements. It is also a very good idea to continue your prenatal because it helps to make sure you have nice and healthy breast milk. These are the things I do to get my milk supply up and make sure it is very healthy for baby. I am a nurse and was very insistent to do lots of research and make sure my baby had the most healthiest breast milk I could provide. I have always heard that the brewers yeast in a beer would do good at helping with milk production. I would stop at one a day though because lots of alcohol will do the opposite. Good luck mom you are doing your best to provide your baby with the best. Keep up all the hard work.

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It's completely normal for your milk supply to be at its lowest at the end of the day and most plentiful in the morning. If baby is fussy in the late afternoon early evening because you don't think she's getting enough nurse nurse and nurse some more.  Your breast is never truly "dry".  By this age milk supply is all about supply and demand.  Don't watch the clock.  Watch baby.

Find local support too if you can through LLL or a good LC.  ************ is also an excellent online resource and has a FB page you can ask to join.
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Kellymom is the site.
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People will give you all kinds of advice: pumping, herbs, specific foods, mother's milk, etc. I tried it ALL!  Nothing worked to increase my milk supply. I breastfed at every feeding and then topped her off with a little formula.  It's very common to not produce enough,  so don't feel bad. Just be glad you can breastfeed at all. Some women can't even produce 1 drop. And some babies can't latch. You are luckier than you realize.  Just keep giving her your milk and if you need to top her off a little,  that's ok. Remember breast milk is best, but formula is still healthy, its not like formula is bad for them.  Just keep it up as long as you can and enjoy this time.
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Thank U very much to all the moms..... I really appreciate Ur advices
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Whatever you do, do not give your baby formula. Increase your amount of feedings. Nurse baby often even if just for a few minutes. Breast milk production is totally supply/demand driven. When the demand is increased your breast milk supply will increase as well. When the demand is decreased the supply will decrease as well. That is why substituting or supplementing feedings with formula will end up decreasing your milk supply and ends up hindering the whole process instead of helping it. Lots of little feedings should help to keep your production up. Pumping even just a small amount between feedings will also help to increase your breasts production of milk. Best of luck to you and your baby! :-)
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Feed on demand.  That means sit down with your boppy pillow and baby and let her nurse as often as she wants.  She was in your tummy so long with a continuous supply of food.  She still wants that.  So many mom's give up because they don't want to feed on demand.  It is overwhelming for first time moms.  I had a hard time with it.  Wanted to keep house looking nice and all the laundry and dishes done like before baby came.  #2 came and I cuddled her and nursed her all day.  It was so much better.  When hubby came home he would cuddle her and I would get supper done and catch up on the house. So much easier to let baby run my time and my day.
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You may think your running low on milk but may not be. I went through a period where I questioned my milk supply because my baby was very fussy and pulling at the breast at night. It was a combination of a growth spurt and being over tired. You also need to look at if your baby is gaining weight as he/she should be. I bought a scale to determine if it was my milk and turned out he was getting enough and was fussy from not sleeping during the day enough. Once he started napping well at around 6-7 weeks all night time fussiness went away. If you eliminated sleep and growth then try nursing and or pumping more often and try a supplement such as Fenugreek. I take this and my supply picked up a little along with adding in some pumping early in the morning when supply typically is the largest. Also a lactation specialist may be able to help you determine if your supply really is low. I went from pumping barely an once to getting 3-6oz per pumping session while exclusively breast feeding.
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