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How much is your baby drinking?

For those ladies who are pumping - how much is your LO drinking? My 3 week old baby is drinking 100mls every 3 hours (3 oz) and my doc felt that was too much for a baby her age and suggested I give her 60mls (2oz) every 2-3 hours - but if I give her less - she starts crying for more  or cries before 3 hours are up. I don nurse due to sore nipples issue but have since learnt how to get her to latch on right but she takes too long at the breast and falls asleep without taking her fill. Though occasionally I do give her my breast to suckle or comfort feeding in between her meals. I personally feel most importantly she has to drink the breastmilk so I pump every 4 hours and get about 4oz-5oz (max) per session and give her the EBM instead.
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3 oz is on the higher side for a 3 wk old, but it's not unheard of. The number of oz isn't as important as the results- is she gaining normally? is she content after it? If she were eating too much then she'd very spiting up excessively. Good luck!

By the way, since you are only 3 weeks post partum, I would suggest you pump a little more frequently, especially during the day, to help build and maintain your supply. You may be getting enough now, but without sufficient stimulation you may run into trouble down the road.
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Would also recommend you let her drink directly as much as possible.  The soreness should be going away by now and it is much easier to breastfeed directly than pump in the long run and much less messy.

Also if you breastfeed directly all the time she get the hang of it and get as much as she wants and needs without you having to worry about ounces.

It is also normal for such a small baby to fall asleep at the breast.  Such a comfortable spot to be in warm and feeding and cuddled by mummy!

Best wishes
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