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How much should my 6wk old be eating

Hey gals,

First off here is some history. I am strictly pumping due to the fact that after my section my milk was very slow to come in and we had to supplement with formula..... so he got use to a bottle very quickly.   At best I can pump 3oz at a sitting. My first pump of the day I am lucky enough to get about 9 oz so this gives me a good jump start for the morning feedings.  (Side note I am also taking Fenugreek.

For about a month Cruz has been eating 3oz. For the last week he has been really cranky so we figured he is needing to eat more.  But the problem is I cannot make a 4oz bottle so I am having to add an ounce of formula to each bottle. This makes me disappointed because I did not want him taking this much formula.  

Okay now for my question.............sorry! How much should he be eating at one sitting??? All of those baby books seem to vary so much on the amount. My cousins baby is a few weeks older then Cruz and he is already eating 10 oz! This seems crazy to me!!! I do not want to starve my baby but I do not want to over feed him!!!

Any suggestions are comments would be greatly appreciated!

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I would look into getting a different pump, perhaps rent one of the hospital grade pumps to help draw out more milk.

On a side note, the one time I was able to pump, I was able to draw over 6 ounces in 15 minutes with a crummy pump, so imagine what my son was getting in an hour of nursing!!

Feed to satiation, do not worry as much about the number of ounces. Go an ounce or two at a time and burp. If still hungry, offer more.

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Thanks! I have a great pump! I have a Medela "Pump in Style", you know the one that cost over $300 so the pump is not the problem it is me.  I guess I will have to keep trying different amounts until we find the winner!

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is your cousin's baby on formula or bm? babies take much more formula.

generally, a 6 week old would take 3-4 ounces. my dd took 4 ounces until she was about 4 months before bumping up to 5 oz. and she was a chunker. but she also ate frequently. if it was every 2 hours, it was less. if she went 3 hours, it was a little more. doesn't mean they won't take more during a growth spurt. and of course, all babies are different- some may need more. and all mommies have different milk compositions.

how often do you pump? the best way to boost supply is to pump more. you can also power pump, which mimics a baby's cluster feed. babies naturally do this when they hit a growth spurt, and you can try to mimic this with a pump. i never truly understood this until now when i have a baby who cluster feeds at the breast.

with a 9 ounce start, you shouldn't have to supplement. pump for each feed, and then add an extra ounce from those 9 ounces.
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Around 6 weeks Cooper went thru a few days where he wanted to nurse non-stop, i guess it was a growth spurt.  Shortly after that, when i returned to work, he started taking bottles almost exclusively.  Now he's 7+ weeks and taking 4-5 ounces of pumped breastmilk at a time, about every 3 hours.  
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Oh, i also have had to start supplementing with formula, about 50/50, because i just can't pump enough to meet his needs. = (
(Perhaps i could if i pumped 24/7, but w 3 other kids and a f/t teaching job, that's not gonna happen!)
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I have been strictly pumping for the past 6 months.  Gavin has never taken formula, it's a lot of work but worth it.  I work in a hospital and they provide us with pumping rooms and with hospital grade pumps.  I feel I get more milk with my Medela then I do with the hospital grade pumps.  Here are my suggestions to increase your milk supply, if you feel you're not producing enough for him.  With the Medela pump it has a speed level and a suction level on the pump.  When you're having a let down you want your suction on max but the speed on 1, once your let down is done, increase the speed to 3 or 4, then when you have another let down put your speed back down to one.  You should be pumping about 20 minutes.  After 20 minutes and your last drop of milk you see, continue to pump another 2 minutes.  I would also recommend drinking "Mother's Milk Tea" along with your Fenugreek, drink at least 5 cups a day.  Also, the more times you pump a day the better it will build up your supply.  There is also a prescription drug you can take to boost your milk supply, but I would use that as a last resource.

When I go back down to the pumping room this afternoon, they have a sheet down there and it tells you how much your child should be drinking at a certain age.  I will check it out for you later.  Also, if you have anymore question, pm me and maybe I can help you out.  My BF in the hospital where I work is a lactation specialist so I get a lot of tips from her.  Let me know if I can help.

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