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How to start weaning?

Hi ladies. I've thought about it before and I think I'm going to try and have Brady weaned by 10 months (He just turned 7 months) or mostly weaned and just feed him before bed, I'm undecided on that just yet. It's sooo hard to think about doing it and letting go! :( Anyway, I was wondering how long the process takes? I mainly feed him at 7am, 11am, 2pm, 4pm, 7pm and then it's sporadic at night mostly but sometimes the most would be 11pm, 2am and 5 am.
Should I start it out slow and just cut out a couple feeds here and there? I hate the pain of the fullness so if I can do it slowly, that would be great.
Any advice would be appreciated!!
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Why wean so soon if you like it and don't want to think about letting go?  I had to wean my son (because I was going onto hormones for another IVF try) when he was 18 months and also long since drinking from a bottle, and both he and I really missed it.  I would surely have kept on if there hadn't been that reason to stop.  We did it by cutting back all but one or two daytime feeds and then cutting back to night only, and then having him drink a bottle of water at night.  He adjusted pretty well.
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I wanted to wean him by 10 months because by the time he is 11 months I will be going back to work. My maternity leave is up by Oct 1st and he will be 11 months September 27th. I would keep going if I weren't going back to work. That's why I thought a bedtime feed would work...I guess it'll depend on the job too. I need to find something different!
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Your body might adjust to a morning feed, an evening feed at dinnertime, and a nightttime feed, if that's all you do.  I definitely began to produce less milk as he nursed less often.
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I think I produce a lot less than I used to because he started waking more in the night to feed. I dunno how I'm going to do this. I wish I knew what job I would have and what hours so that I could train my body and him to know when I will be feeding.
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I would cut out one feeding every 3 to 5 days with my second son and didn't get engorged or anything.  My first son self weaned pretty much by 10 1/2 months he wanted food! Lol
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Lucky you.  My son would wake me up in the middle of the night saying, "Nurse?  Nurse?" and cry if I said no.
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