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I'm done breastfeeding!

Had no choice but to stop breastfeeding due to medication that wouldn't be safe for my lil guy, my question is when should I start my period? I stopped two days ago, so I'm assuming it'll be awhile, plus I'm pumping only when my breasts get so swollen. Because that pain  is so tremendous!!
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It could be within a week or two or it could be a while. Remember you will ovulate before that first period don't assume you don't need contraception until after that first period, many a lady has been caught out this way.
Did your baby boy take to formula okay then? I remember you posting last month.
Hope your new meds help.
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It was a struggle but he eventually took the formula! The medication doesn't seem to be working so far. And ya I'm going to see about some kind of birth control. I'll be so upset if my doc changes my medication to something that's safe to breast feed! The infant risk center said my medication was ok up to 30mgs! So conflicted with the whole situation!
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Once you stop breastfeeding, it normally doesn't take long for your periods to resume.  There are always exceptions, but it usually doesn't take long, once the breastfeeding stops, or even lessens, like when solids are introduced.

I hope the meds help you!
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K thank you so much! Meds still aren't helping, but maybe in time it will!
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what's the med? how old is your baby?
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Methimazole, supposed to be taking 30mgs now! And my lil guy is over 5 months.
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took me 4 weeks exactly to get my period.
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