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Increasing breast milk?

Does anyone have any recommendations of how to get a lot of milk produced in your breasts. I'm currently 29 weeks pregnant and I  want to breastfeed my baby a lot when she comes out. But I've seen lots of people who don't have that much milk in their breast to give to baby so they have to give formula. Anything I could do eat or drink now? To increase it
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This might sound crazy but literally all my friends grandmas have told me to drink a beer the moment I get home from the hospital, no your baby will not get drunk lol but there is something in beer that makes you produce milk like crazy. All of my friends aunts who's moms have told me this confirmed it too, my best friends aunt was like I thought my mom was crazy but that it literally works she did with all 3 of her pregnancies!
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Fennel seed tea is available if you search online or just buy fennel seeds from the store and boil it with some water
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Your milk doesn't come in for 2-3 days. This is normal. Both my babies cried for a few hours before my milk came in but once it came in I heard them gulping. I had tons of milk but it took about 3 days for it to come in. The colostrum is important too and it's all they need those first couple of days.
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In actuality, most women have enough milk but think that they don't so they stop nursing which then stops your milk production. I wouldn't worry about it until after baby arrives and only if your doctor is concerned that baby isn't gaining enough weight.
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I was feeling same & tried a lot of things & which finally work for me were...... OATMEAL, SALMON & TONS OF WATER..... My Dr said water is more important then food......so try at least oatmeal & water at every feeding time & u will see difference..... Good luck mama & congratulations
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