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Latching problems

Ive been trying since birth to get baby to latch on and nothing is working! They have me pump & give supplimental bottles (due to low birth weight).

Any tips or pointers on how to get her to latch? Im becomming very discouraged at this point.
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Have you tried putting sugar water on your nipples that helped me a lot when I started breastfeeding my son...I only had to do it long enough for him to get the hang of breastfeeding then we were fine..I know a nipple shield could also help..and the biggest advice I can give you is relax...this is a bonding experience for you and your daughter...try not to stress over her not latching right away you both are learning give it time but don't give up and relax
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Ugh medhelp site keeps crashing on me so I'll try this again...

I have a couple suggestions since I had a premie that could not latch and we went through that same thing.

1- Get in touch with your pediatrician or OB and ask them about Lacation Consultant services. They probably have someone on staff that they work with. If not the hospital's always have some. We went several times before we got the hang of it. It's probably covered under your insurance I know I never paid anything for it.

2- Pick up a nipple shield from Target, BabiesRus or any breastfeeding supply store. It's a small thin strip of silicone that sits over your own nipple and sticks out a bit making it easier for baby to latch on. It's like a cross between mom's nipple and a bottle. They work as a great trainer for babies that are learning how to latch and having problems. It's only $7 at Target.com. Look for the Medela brand! That will help you get over the first couple of weeks.

3- If all else fails don't get down on yourself! Keep pumping and giving her bottles because the important thing is that she gets the milk, not how she gets it.
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I'm having the same issues. I am going to try a nipple shield. My girl screams and screams gets latched for a second then releases. I've had to pump and give her a bottle but hoping she gets it soon. My last baby was early like this one and never had any issues. I'm so frustrated but trying not to be.
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I'm not totally sure but in my opinion, some babies just don't like it when the letdown isn't fast enough. My son even still at almost 8 months old gets frustrated with my letdown when it's slow.
Just keep trying and trying. You guys will get the hang of it and yes pump for now but keep trying to latch. Try different holds too. Sometimes the most comfortable position is laying beside your baby. It helps you and baby relax.
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back in the day ;) my daughter had the same thing.  I used the shield and it worked and was able to wean her off that after a bit.  Was kind of nice though as it helped toughen up the nipple for the real deal ;) without getting too sore right off the bat..
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