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Long~~tips early for breastfeeding

I think I asked about this when I first had DS, but now that I'm pregnant again it's gonna be coming up sooner rather than later so...

When I had DS I had a c-section because he was breech and with this baby I've already spoken to the doctor and if all goes well I'll be attempting a VBAC. I think the CS was partially why I had issues breastfeeding, so I'm really hoping my body deciding when baby is ready to come will help. With DS I had to use a tube attached to a bottle of forumla that I placed in his mouth as well as my breast to stimulate, my milk didn't come in until five days after he was born and before it came in I was as dry as I could get...NOTHING came out, no colostrum, no nothing. SO after my milk came in I could tell my breasts were HUGE, but I tried to feed DS and didn't get much, he'd fall asleep (I know every baby is different and this one may be better with feedings) and would get frustrated easily, because I wasn't producing much (Part of this was probably because I was depressed and stressed out since DH went back to Korea when DS was exactly two weeks old). I tried Fenugreek and Reglan with him as per my lactation consultants advice, and neither worked. I was pumping or feeding him every two hours or so, and nothing helped. I searched forever on the internet trying to find something to help, and I couldn't find anything really...

Now for the question after my long history...does anyone have any advice for how to promote breastmilk production? I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to exclusively breast feed this time. DH is supposed to be deploying again either right before or right after the baby is born, so I know I'm gonna be upset and stressed, but I'll also have DS to keep me busy this time, and to be strong for since he doesn't need to see me upset. ANYWAYS, since I'm only approaching 17 weeks I've got a while before baby is born, but I want to get a headstart so I'm prepared if this time I goes like the last one...Any advice/suggestions are welcome.

Oh! On another note, when I was breastfeeding DS I never felt the "let down"...well I don't know if I felt it, I didn't ever notice it with pumping or with DS feeding. I kept reading about how when you pump you will get a little bit out and you will get a sudden increase and that was the hindmilk, but I never noticed it.
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I would get in contact with Operation Special Delivery and see if there is a doula in your area that may be of help to you.  OSD pairs up doulas free of charge to military spouses that have a spouse deployed or on a ship.  She will not only help you prepare for your upcoming birth, but help you with breastfeeding support and referrals if need be.  If your husband is still with you, still contact OSD (look on their website) to see if they can give you a list of doulas in your area that are signed up with you and understand  the uniqueness of military life.  They may offer their services for free or have a special price for military families.

Pumping should NEVER be an true indication of how much milk you are producing.  There are women who can never pump a drop out, even when engorged.  Since you are military, I suggest you meet with a Lactation Consultant (covered by TriCare) about 34-36 weeks to discuss how to make sure a LC is on call and available for you right after baby is born.  Even after a c-section it is possible to nurse while still on the table and in recovery.  This is your best bet to a good start.  Babies who nurse within the first hour are more likely to succeed at nursing than those who fall asleep first.  Try to avoid bathing, shots, etc until AFTER the first feeding.  (look up "golden hour" for more information and research).  If you can avoid the ointment on the eyes that will help as well so baby can see you and your breasts clearly instead of looking through a mask of goop.  Holding off these procedures allows baby to be relaxed and still has scents that are associated with you.  There are no lasting effects in waiting to have the procedures done, but please look them all up individually and form your own opinion.  Kellymom website is awesome breastfeeding resource with TONS of research (its a org website)

Let down is something not every women experiences, I never had it and successfully breastfed for over 2 years.

Is there a local La Leche League near you?  I would considered attending meetings now and see if any of the women their will be able to offer you guidance from your past experience in hopes of creating a better experience with this little one.
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I also know someone personally who could not get a drop from ANY pump, but successfully bf'ed for several years.
I had 2 sections. My first was a preemie so they had to check her before letting me nurse. My second was different. They actually kept her with me for the entire procedure (the assisting surgeon was annoyed with the screaming but my OB knew my wishes to bf so he made sure the baby stayed so she could go to recovery with me). As soon as i was stitched up, they placed her between my legs and wheeled her with me to recovery. There, the very first thing we did was nurse. The nurse was impatient and wanted to take her to the nursery for her bath and check, but I managed to keep her with me until she was done nursing.

The best thing you can do to promote your milk coming in is nurse as frequently as possible. The nurses kept offering to take the baby to the nursery for the night. The baby can't nurse on demand when shes in the nursery so I kept her with me (accept for when she had to be under lights for jaundice. Even then we insisted on getting her every 2 hours max to nurse and made sure she nursed before we used a finger feeder to supplement.)  Make sure your hospital allows the baby to stay with you in the room, and take advantage of that. You will be tired, but don't we expect that anyways? I knew I'd be exhausted and unable to move from the section, but wanted to nurse on demand so I actually had my husband stay with me 2 nights, and my mom stayed the last night. They helped care for the baby btw nursing sessions so I could rest then.  
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As for let-down... I never felt it in the first few weeks. It was later on that I would feel it strongly.
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