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Lump While Breastfeeding

I am 21 yrs-old, i just had my first born jan. 27, 09 and am breastfeeding. Not to long after my son was born i noticed a small lump in my breast. It doesn't hurt, it doesn't move, its not red, it hasn't changed size, and it doesn't go away. So they had me get an ultrasound and found nothing so they had me get a mam. They had me go see a surgon and he suggested that i have a tissue sample takedn, but that its too small to draw it with a needle so i'd have to have surgery. This is all the info he told me "It could be a plugged duct, but they didn't see any fluid on the ultrasound as they normally would. There is only 1 in 8 million chance of a woman my age having breast cancer, but if i'm that 1 then i need to have it taken care of." He also suggested that i could stop breastfeeding my son at 3 months and see if it goes away after i dry up, but i would like to breastfeed at least to 10 months. He sent me home to talk it over with my husband and to just call and let him know. He (my dr) doesn't seem really worried but he said he would suggest it just to make sure. I'm not sure what to make of all of this. I need help.....
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I just had 2 lumps excised, the primary sounds much the same as yours. They figure mine to be benign after excisional biopsy.lumpectomy.

Young people are really hard to get a good mammo and u/s on due to density. The one bright side is it does not sound like an obvious appearance of micro-calcifications showed on the mammo, right, which would be a big red flag.

After having just gone through this and knowing how much I enjoyed the nursing experience with my boys, I would have opted to hold off until I was ready to wean. Now while in the midst, it would have been difficult, but now that I have gone through both and knowing the odds and the signs that were not there, I am much more relieved.

This is only a decision you can make. Weigh the odds and decide what is best for you.

Good luck.

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What would be the side effects if you did have the surgery? Would they use a local or put you under?  If they put you under would you have to pump and dump for 24 hours?  Do you have a supply built up in your fridge/freezer where if you had to pump/dump do you have excess milk at home?  Sorry for all the questions -there are many things to consider when thinking about whether or not to have the lump removed. I had a lump removed several years ago - before ever thinking of having a baby or nursing.  Mine was totally hormonal - was there the 4th week of every cycle, right before I'd get my period.  I had it removed - it was a quick procedure but they did put me out for it.  Good luck with things.  It's a decision only you can make - don't feel pressure from anyone on what to do.  My dr told me it was likely I didn't have cancer - I was 24 years old and didn't have a history of it in my family...
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