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Lump in my breast. Blocked duct?

I have been pumping/breastfeeding my 5 1/2 week old since he was born and yesterday I noticed that I was getting less milk than usual out of one side and that it was really sore before and after pumping! I can feel like a knot inside of it that is pretty painful! From what I have read it sounds like I have a blocked duct. Does anyone know anything I can do to help it?? Also if anyone has any good tips on how to increase milk production I would appreciate them! I'm making just enough for my baby boy and fear that as he begins to take more I will not be able to provide for him!
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warm washcloth. lots of massaging especially while pumping and you should pump every couple of hours until it goes away. even take a really hot shower and this may help too, massage and pump as much as you can. if it is a blocked duct you need to clear it ASAP or you could get an infection. (mastisis) i remember when i got one around the 5 week mark, it is very painful. for increasing milk supply, pump pump pump every few hours. do some power pumps a couple times a week can help too. (10 min of pumping, 10min break, 10 minute pumping. for an hour.)
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Did you get it cleared yet? Definitely sounds like a clogged duct. Watch for signs of infection. If you develop a fever or flulike symptoms, or of the breast becomes red and hot, conta t your ob as you may need antibiotics.
The previous poster had good suggestions. Heat and warm compress, massaging while pumping can help. If your baby nurses, have her nurse that side as much as possible, as she would probably be effective than the pump at removing the clog.
By the way, I found the very cheap manual that came with my pump in style worked great at removing clogs. I think it's because I could do long, hard pulls with it. It's the manual that looks like a bicycle pump (also got one as an accessory to the pump I used in the hospital)
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Thank you all!! I got it cleared up! I took a hot shower, used hot wash rags, and massaged and it came out!! I feel much better now!!
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