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Mastitis abscess - breast deformity after surgery.

I suffered from mastitis on the inner side of my right breast, against the chest wall away from the nipple, after the birth of my daughter. The infection went on for three weeks because my midwife kept saying 'you're fine, you're fine. hot water, massages, and breastfeeding will get it out with antibiotics.' After starting the antibiotics, the fever stopped, but the redness, pain, and swelling did not. I became concerned when this thick white/pale yellow fluid started leaking from a pore at the top of my breast from the skin. again i was told 'you're fine, you're fine. It's just milkfrom a shallow duct.' And decided to go to the emergency room regardless. It was a good thing i had. The mastitis had abscesses, i was close to becoming sepsic and the skin had started to become neucrotic from the infection that had reached it. I was forced to so breast feeding on the spot and i was rushed in to have the abscess drained and a tube put in place.

It's been two months now since, the incision is closed and healed, the redness is gone, but i still have shadowing lightly under the skin that looks kind of like the bruising from stretch marks and the area where the abscess has been is indented and there is a notable size difference between my breasts, the abscesses one being a cup size smaller than the other. My question is, will my breast be predominantly deformed like this?
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I wish I had an answer for you but I don't have knowledge about this.
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Your best bet would be to check with your doctor on that…  Best of luck!
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I asked the surgeon about it, but she said it would take a few months to return to normal. It's been two since my surgery and it's still deformed and discolored. Seeing how well my midwife kept me informed -sarcasm- I'm finding it hard to believe the doctors. I was hoping someone else had the same or a similar experience and could share their details.
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To help the bruising you could massage lotion on them to help with circulation. Not really sure what you can do about the size though :(
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I had mastitis while breastfeeding that turned into an abscess. Had to have incscion and drainage done. Mine was packed and I had to go back a couple times to have the packing changed out. Mine didn't require a drainage tube, they left part of the packing sticking out of the incision which works like a wick I guess and it drained by itself. (By the way I had a natural birth, no drugs and giving birth to the baby hurt less than the abscess and i/d did. I was told  that sometimes deep abscess don't respond to the local anesthesia). This was about 10 months ago. I managed to continue breastfeeding thru all of this (I would cover the incision with bandages while the baby nursed so the puss so would not get on her and since I was taking antibiotics the baby was receiving them also by nursing) I am still breastfeeding. I don't have brusing, just a small scar BUT the breast that had the abscess is definitely a cup smaller than my other breast and the abscess side produces a lot less milk.
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