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Milk storage question

Ok, so I  pump twice a day at work, and usually get around 14-15 oz out of those two sessions, so I bring 2 8 oz storage bottles with me and that's always been enough.  But my breasts are apparently on overdrive today, and I just got 14 oz (!!) out of just the first session.  I'm really excited that I got that amount (is it weird to say I'm proud of my boobs? lol) but I don't have enough room in the bottles now for my second session, since I usually get at least 5 oz out of that pumping session.  Is it ok if I store the extra milk TEMPORARILY (about 3-4 hours) in a water bottle? Or can the BPA in the bottle leak into the milk that fast?  I hate to waste a pumping session, since I'm trying to build back up my freezer supply, but I of course don't want to make any of the milk unhealthy.
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Yes, it should be safe to store it there.  Or if your really worried when you pump next time just add it to your coffee.  

I'd strongly suggest getting some freezer bags and store them in your pump bag.  When I was pumping at work for my first I would find some days I'd pump more than others and needed extra bags, etc.
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First - HOLY BUCKETS!  I got 11 oz this morning after a 9 hr stretch and was elated. I usually don't get near that amoung per session when I pump.  I am totally proud of  my boobs and how much milk I make for my baby!!!  I'd second that above post with retting storage bags.   Do you have a supply in your freezer?
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What I understand about the BPA is it leaks when heated. That's why they aren't suppose to go in the microwave or dishwasher.

Storing your breastmilk in your water bottle is ok. I always keep a few extra storage bags in my pump bag. I also pump a huge amount. I usually get around 10oz every 3 hours when I was pumping.  
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Thanks ladies! From now on I'm making sure that I have an extra bottle with me at work.  I just wasn't expecting to ever produce more than 16 or 17 oz in 2 sittings! I only have a few bags in the freezer right now unfortunately, so I'm really happy my supply is going up so much after I rented a hospital grade pump.  I had about 45 bags in the freezer over the summer, but then I had to be hospitalized 2x in a week, and was taking meds that I couldn't BF on, so ALL of it got used up.  Until this past week, I've just been producing enough for him while I'm at work (about 12-14 oz) but hopefully now I'll be able to make enough to put some in the freezer for emergencies.
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