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More milk

I gave birth to 33 wk old twin boys on 12/21 and am pumping milk for them while they are in the nicu. Is there any remedies for making more milk since i feel as thought i'm not producing enough?
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This is a remedy I was just told...drink a half a beer.  Apparently it helps the milk cone down.  
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With babies in the NICU I wouldn't recomend taking anything without consulting your babies doctors. What you can do is stick with good pumping habits: pump every three hours during the day (you can probably get away with one four hour stretch during the night), eat three nutritious meals and three nutritious snacks each day, including plenty protien (keep nuts, fruit, baby cheese etc on hand for quick easy snacks on the go) drink plenty water, one eight ounce glass every time you pump and as per your thirst at other times.
If you are not producing enough to meet your babies needs talk to their doctor, they may be able to give you a prescription for a med that helps increase milk supply. There are herbs that can help but as I said don't take anything without consulting the doctor as your babies were not full term. Best wishes.
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Grape juice was a great thing for me! And also there are these milk vitamins for breast feeding moms . I think they sale them at babies r us and these cookies called milkies or something I heard they are great. Congratulations and good luck!
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I am in the saame shoes as you, twins in NICU and I am not producing enough milk.  My lactation nurse recommended fenugreek and/or mother's milk (herbal tea that includes fenugreek).  
Good luck!!
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I used fenugreek before and it works wonders. Congrats and good luck!!!
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my friends swear by funugreek to increase production, butcheck with your doctor before starting supplements.
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From experience my twins were born at 35 weeks but had to stay a week or so in the nicu.. With them being in the nursery and not close to my breast, all my milk dried up within two days.. Did you ask the nurse could that be.. Even though I planned to bottle feed and not breast feed..

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