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My blog about baby feeding

Hi all!

It's been awhile since I was greatly helped by the support on this forum.  I wanted to share with you my new blog about baby feeding:


It's all about my experience with baby feeding, along with some interesting stories and research.  I hope you'll visit, comment, enjoy!

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Your description of your experience made me weepy. I tried to nurse my first for 2 months with no success. My second sucessfully nursed for a few weeks before problems took over. When I have time (the next time I pump!) i'll try to comment. I'll share my observations, as well as some of the things my very knowledgable LC has shared with me.

One thing that frustrates me terribly is people who assume that if a mom works at it hard enough, nursing will work out. It is not always possible. I put my heart and soul (and plenty of $$$) into it both times. I honestly did. With my first, I had never heard of EP'ing. Everyone kept telling me it wasn't possible long term. Everyone, except for my wonderful LC (paid for privately, out of pocket. God forbid insurance pay for it!) I pumped for 2 months before finding others online who did the same thing. And that kept me going- knowing it was possible and knowing there are others out there. Your blog may serve to be the same inspitation to others.

Of course nursing would be ideal for me. But it's not an option. We need to continue to support those like us who for whatever reason can't or don't want to nurse, but know deep down that breastmilk really is the best thing for our infants.
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Yes, WoW!

Great blog.  And inspiration for other mummy's.

I had great trouble breastfeeding at the beginning and have had continual problems with candida and sore breasts.  I both pump and BF directly.  My baby has exclusively breast milk too!
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Thank you!  Yes please comment, send me ideas for topics, and forward to others who might enjoy it.  I have some interesting research I will share in the coming months.  Thanks for reading!
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