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Nursing on anti depressants

I exclusively breast fed my son for about 3 months.  When he was 7 weeks old I was diagnosed with post partum depression and was put on the drug cypralix.  It was pretty severe and had manifested itself in severe anxiety.  Since being on the drug I am feeling far better, much more like my old self.  The problem is my son's pediatrician would prefer I not nurse on this med.  I talked to the prescribing Dr. and his opinion is that I am responding so well to this drug that he would prefer not to change it.  In my own research I have found that the biggest problem with this drug is that it has not been tested enough on nursing moms, but in research that has been done the biggest problem was sleeplessness and irritability in infants.  I did not notice my baby having any more of these issues then normal while still nursing him.  I am torn. I have been giving him forumula and am only nursing for short spells a few times a day.  He is still healthy and doing well, but both of us miss it a great deal.  When he is having a bad day or night, nursing seems to calm and soothe him, plus I want him to get the benefits health wise of my milk. I was thinking of doing half and half and wondered what your thoughts were on this?  Has anyone else nursed on this drug and what were your experiences.  Thanks so much for any info or advice.  As always, I want to act in the best interest of my son.
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there are never any studies on nursing mothers or babies for any drug! or children for that matter it is not allowed. I would call the manufacture and find out the drug class and see how it goes through the body and is absorbed and side effects it may have. I was on Zoloft while nursing and after I lost my little girl shortly after birth, I was still nursing my prior baby at 17 months. She was fine. I know the drug may be working for you but I would try a medicine that has been on the market for a long time compared to one that has not and been used while nursing and indorsed by both your dr and babies dr before quit nursing. YOur dr shoudl of started you on something from the begining that you coudl nurse on and the babies dr said was ok before starting. Hope you can figure it out.
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Thanks so much for your input.  Your comments are exactly my dilemma.  This drug has been used by nursing mothers, although not nearly as extensively as some others.  The prescribing Dr. (a physciatrist) feels it's safe, and he has prescribed it to both pregnant and nursing moms.  It works very well for anxiety.  He does not want to change it as my response has been so good, and he said that often they have to try 2 or 3 drugs before finding something that works.  He is very comfortable with it, although he did tell me that it is best to try to avoid nursing for 4 hours after taking it as that is when it is most concentrated in my milk.  I talked to the pharmascist as well, who did some extra research for me, and has essentially said the same thing.  My son's pediatrician however, feels differently and would prefer I not.  She is comfortable with him being switched to forumula as her opinion is that those first three months are the most critical.  I have been doing both and he takes both with no problem at all. No nipple confusion or anything.  It seems to me that giving him both might be the best solution for us, but I don't want to harm him in any way of course.  I just don't know what the best answer is here.  
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i wish i had the answer!  you know im 100% pro bfing, but im also 125% pro mom being healthy.  you need your meds right now, as many of us have with ppd :)  and you have to use this time to trust your instincts.  

what would i do?  maybe pump to get milk for a back up during those 4 hour periods they want you to refrain, or use formula.  i think either way a mixture is still giving him what he needs from the bm, and you can feel more comfortable with giving formula at the times you dont bf.  

should you decide to use formula dont ever beat yourself up.  as bfing moms we are so hard on ourselves.  we can make ourselves feel guilty over the smallest of things.  babies can be healthy and grow strong with formula too, and your son has recieved so much from your milk already.  nobody can tell you what to do, nor should we lol.  amanda you have made great decisions while being a mom so far, and i dont expect you will do anything other than continue to do so.  dont be so hard on yourself and your choices, you will make the right one for you and ryder ;)

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hi,  in most cases the breastmilk is better for baby, even considering the medication.  According to my lactation consultant there are very few drugs that are totally contraindicated while breastfeeding.   I would take the advice of the pharmacist and your psychiatrist and continue breastfeeding (avoid the first 4 hours after taking the med).  Besides in a few months if you continue to do so well you may be able to wean off the med and you'll still have the wonderful experience of breastfeeding your baby.

I am currently taking a med that everyone says you can't take while breastfeeding.  it is supposed to stop milk supply.  However, ti hasn't stopped mine and I'm breastfeeding successfully.  I researched and found that it is possible to breastfeed and no known risk to baby.....

But whatever your decision, don't beat yourself up!
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I know you want to do what is best for Ryder but you also need to take your needs into consideration.   Ryder needs his mommy to be in the best health possible.  If this means you need to be on this medication and stop nursing (if his Dr is so against it you using this med) then that's what you need to do.    Whatever you decide don't make yourself feel bad.  
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how are you doing?  do you need to talk?  you know so many of us are here for you!!!
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Thanks everyone.  I am actually feeling really good.  This medication has worked very well for me and I feel good.  I am truly enjoying him instead of being stressed out all the time.  He saw the public health nurse today for his 4 month vaccines and they did a weight, height, head circumference check and a few other things.  He is doing really well. She said the same thing...nursing is always the best way, but sometimes we have to do what we have to do.  I do not want to go back to feeling the way I did and it couldn't have been good for him either.  So I guess it's formula.  He has already been getting it, but I was nursing as well.  He is healthy and happy and that is all I care about.  At least he got a solid 3 months.  It's hard, you want to do everything right but sometimes second best choice is what works best I guess.  Thanks for the support, you know how much I appreciate it.  
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